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March 7, 2013

T95 Weak Spots


T95, the demise of many, is one of the strongest TDs on the field but also one of the slowest. Still, its biggest gun delivers up to 750 damage AND reloads in about 15 seconds. Definitely nothing to be looking at from the front for too long, or any amount of time for that matter.

If you see it from the front, it’s pretty bleak. Unless you can hit the crew exits on the top of the hull you should GTFO as fast as you can or alternatively watch your tank burn nicely for a while and enjoy the rest of the match from another perspective. What did you expect to find here? Keep reading though, there’s fireworks on the sides.

The back of the sides houses the engine. This is definitely your best shot as it will slow the already slow T95 down to a grind. Get as many as you can in while its turning, or in the best case scenario, get a critical in and move to its back, as far away from the big gun as you can.

The back is what you should be looking at, when taking care of this beast. It mainly consists of the T95’s engine block and looking at it means, the opponent will need quite some time to turn around.

The T95’s ammo rack is located on the left side of the vehicle, in the center of the top of the hull.