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April 9, 2013

T110E3 Weak Spots


The tough Tier X American destroyer, is one of the toughest vehicles if not the toughest vehicle in the game sporting a hefty 305mm frontal armor. It’s quite mobile for it’s size and it’s giant 155mm barrel is something you don’t want to be looking down at. If you’re going for it’s sides, definitely beware of its agility as it can move backwards quite fast. Your best bet is going for the back first and then try zig-zagging forwards and back, getting his engine and ammo rack in the process.

Facing the T110E3 from the front, you should probably won’t have much of a match if he sees you. Your best bet is going for the bottom of the plate or the crew hatches(not pictured), but since it’s a Tier X destroyer it’s probably better to run.

The sides are friendlier if you can say anything is friendly on this beast. You can get easy pickings on the crew if you go for the turret, and find the ammo rack and the engine on top of the back 2/3rds of the tracks.

The back part is of course the sweet spot, being as far away from the gun as possible, but take care to shoot between the tracks.

The T110E3 ammo-rack is located on the on the top part of the tracks in the middle.