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February 21, 2013

KV-4 Weakspots


The Tier VIII Russian beast can be quite a problem with its thick armor and almost impenetrable turret, but if you know what to look for you can do constant damage to this beast.

From the front, you should go for anything but the turret and the sides of the hull. The antennas and the shaft in the front of the tank are the weakest spots, as well as the driver right down the middle and the machine gun on top of the turret (if this is the turret you see).

The sides of the turret offer the commander and crew spots as well as the ammo rack on the back.

The back of the KV-4 is all colors, as the turret is not at all well plated in the back and offers the ammo racks on the sides as well as a big engine on the back of the hull. There’s also a big engine spot on the back 2/3 of the hull behind and above the track.

The ammo rack is located on the back sides of the turret.