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Conqueror Weak Spots - WoT Weak Spots - Hit Zones
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April 9, 2013

Conqueror Weak Spots


The Tier X British heavy is not as tough as some of the others but is sporting in my opinion one of the sweetest guns in the game, which by definition means it needs to be taken care of as soon as it’s spotted. Doesn’t have the toughest armor, but if you go for the weaker points you’ll get better criticals, and dispose of it sooner rather than later.

The front side of the Conqueror has the driver on the British side and a weakness just below the turret, perfect for jamming it. There’s also the usual British, kind of inaccessible ammo rack on the bottom right of the hull.

Like the other big Brits, the sides of the turret are quite weak to penetration. The top back of the tracks houses the big engine and it’s prone to fire.

You’ll find the engine and the quite penetrable turret in the back of the tank.

You can find Conquerors ammo rack in the front, but don’t rejoice jet, it’s quite well hidden on the bottom right of the hull.