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December 9, 2015

How to win random battles

A seriously interesting video, that will help you better your game and win more in random battles by Zeven. Highly recommended! …
December 7, 2015

9.12 vs. 9.13 HD models comparison

A video from FerrariHD comparing the HD models in update 9.13 vs. the ones we had until now. …
November 17, 2015

9.12 Update Review Video

This is the release video for the 9.12 update with English subtitles …
October 2, 2015

Update 10.0 trailer and T-22sr official screenshots

Unlike the European site which just posted the 10.0 trailer, the Russian site posted a bit more info. T-22sr is coming as a reward for a new set of personal missions, along with lots of unique medals and personal reserves connected to the new “Last man standing” game mode. …
August 19, 2015

Upcoming HD models video comparison

A nice video showing off the HD models coming with the 9.10 update. …
July 29, 2015

Japanese Tiger and Heavy Tanks

The tier 6 Premium Japanese Tiger preview and a quick glimpse at the Japanese Heavy Tanks in this video from the developers. You can get the tier 6 Tiger from the store for 15.55€ on EU …
July 1, 2015

ASAP 9.9 Video and Common Test Download Link

CT, 9.9
The 9.9 update preview video, now in English for your viewing pleasure, bringing a look at the new Premium tanks, HD models, Domination mode changes, map fixes and more. You can also check the 9.9 update for yourself on the Common Test server by using the download links below to get the client (or  if […]
May 27, 2015

Update 9.8 Video Review and download links

Most people don’t need these as the game updates automatically on launch, but for those who do, here are the download links for the patch files only: NA 9.8 Update Download EU 9.8 Patch Only Download EU 9.8 Torrent Patch only Download …
May 11, 2015

9.8 HD model comparison

Old models versus the new ones in this video from FerrariHD …
April 13, 2015

IS-5 Gameplay Video

A gameplay video of the IS-5, an upcoming Soviet Tier 8 Premium, has been leaked on Youtube by Amway921 a Russian WoT blogger and mod creator. You can find the characteristics of the tank and the armor model here. YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available …