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July 26, 2015

T82 HMC from the Supertest

T82 is another American TD besides T18 that is getting changed into artillery in one of the following patches. This is a preview of T82 HMC from the Supertest. Read the full post (88 words, 6 images, estimated 21 secs reading time)
July 26, 2015

VK 45.03 from the Supertest

VK45.03 is an upcoming Tier 7 German Premium tank, that was historically a prototype for Tiger III. This is a preview of VK 45.03 from the Supertest. Read the full post (91 words, 6 images, estimated 22 secs reading time)
July 26, 2015

T3 HMC (T18 replacement) from the Supertest

T3 HMC is an upcoming Tier 2 replacement for the current OP beast, the T18. It carries the same derp gun capable of delivering one shot kills to any Tier 2, but it’s size and significantly weaker armour should bring some relief when fighting this vehicle on lower tiers. This is a preview of T3 […]
July 8, 2015

Japanese Tier 10 Heavy Type 5/Type 2605 Armor and Specs

Tier: 10 HT Hitpoints: 2800 Engine: 1200 hp Weight: 150 tons Power-to-weight: 8 hp/t Maximum speed: 25/10 km/h Hull traverse: 22 deg/s Turret traverse: 18,8 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,918 Viewrange: 400 Radio range: 782,1 Hull armor: 260/140/? Turret armor: 260/210/? Gun: 140mm Damage: 600/600/770 Penetration: 249/2
July 2, 2015

Update 9.9 Public Test #2 Notes

– removed the Mauschen – added Japanese Tiger and Kanonenjagdpanzer for players to test – SPIC viewrange increased from 380 to 400m – fixed bugged armor models of T-62A (frontal turret), M6A2E1 (frontal and side turret) and T110E3 (entire frontal armor) – fixed many visual issues with following mode
July 1, 2015

ASAP 9.9 Video and Common Test Download Link

CT, 9.9,
The 9.9 update preview video, now in English for your viewing pleasure, bringing a look at the new Premium tanks, HD models, Domination mode changes, map fixes and more. You can also check the 9.9 update for yourself on the Common Test server by using the download links below to get the client (or  if […]
June 30, 2015

XVM for update 9.9 Common Test

9.9, XVM
This is the latest development version of the XVM mod for version 9.9 common test is out, Install instructions (from the readme file): 1. Unzip archive to game folder: Right-click archive -> “Extract all…” -> select game folder -> “Extract” 2. By default, you do not need to setup anything e
June 30, 2015

July Daily Challenges and Top Of The Tree

Here are the Daily Challenges and the Top of the tree for the month of July   …
June 24, 2015

9.9 HD Models for Download

This are update 9.9 HD models. All you have to do is drop the files to your res_mods folder and you can enjoy your game with the tanks looking like they come from the future. The vehicles included are: T-62A Panther/M10 VK3601H FCM 50t AMX 50 100 Type 62 Caernarvon Churchil VII T23E3 T110E3 T110E4 […]