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October 26, 2015

Update 10.0 Public Test

What should be the most interesting update of WoT this year is turning out to be a PR disaster for WarGaming, as after a year of waiting, we still don’t get Havok, multi-core processing or any real improvement to the gameplay or matchmaking. What we do get is more purely aesthetic updates, gameplay updates for […]
October 16, 2015

Czechoslovakia Map

The last new map of 2015 in WoT, coming with the Christmas patch (probably 10.1 or 10.2), will be the special Destroyed Škoda Plant map also named Czechoslovakia map. It’s an experiment by WarGaming to add interactive elements to maps, and the Škoda Plant map will have 12. The interactive elements on this one will be [&
October 9, 2015

10.0 Game Mechanics Technical Test

A test of the new game mechanics (and vehicles) of the update 10.0 is in progress. You can find the download link below, make sure to install it in a separate folder from your regular WoT install. Main features: New features for high-tier vehicles in Rampage mode; PvE mode: computer-controlled “bots” acting as oppone
October 5, 2015

Paris Map in Domination/Rampage Mode

This is the upcoming Paris map, shown in the new Domination/Rampage mode which features the playing area getting progressively smaller during play. If you touch the orange outside of the circle your vehicle is destroyed. Looks pretty interesting, we’ll have to wait for update 10.0 to see how it works out. …
October 2, 2015

Update 10.0 trailer and T-22sr official screenshots

Unlike the European site which just posted the 10.0 trailer, the Russian site posted a bit more info. T-22sr is coming as a reward for a new set of personal missions, along with lots of unique medals and personal reserves connected to the new “Last man standing” game mode. …
September 30, 2015

New Launcher Supertested

I don’t see any reason for the launcher to change to this…seems about the same as the current one, but here it is: …
September 29, 2015

T-22sr Ingame Screenshots

T-22sr is an upcoming tier 10 Soviet medium, most likely coming as a CW reward in the next update. You can find the overview here. …
September 28, 2015

10.0 Armor Changes

U.S.S.R KV-220 – Turret ring is 100mm thick now (120mm at the front) with 40mm of spaced armor around it. – UFP is 120mm thick now and MG and driver window weakspots are gone. – Track armor is no longer a solid blob and sticks true to where the wheels and tracks are. – Random […]
September 28, 2015

More 10.0 HD models

Loyd GC Covenanter AMX mle. 46 …
September 25, 2015

10.0 SuperTest Patch Notes

Finalized update 10.0 supertest patchnotes confirm some of the stuff talked about in the interview with Storm. Main Changes – introduced the finalized version of the deathmatch mode (free for all) – newbies will from now on fight bots in their first few battles – render range changed from 1000 x 1000 meter squa