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WoT Updates

April 19, 2016

Castle New WoT Map

A new map is in testing.
April 15, 2016

New Minimaps

Reworked minimaps are on the supertest. Take a detailed look.
April 12, 2016

9.15 Updates

New information about the patch.
April 7, 2016

9.15 New Tank Models

Reworked models, which the upcoming patch will bring us.
April 4, 2016

Rampage Removal

Rampage mode will cease to exist with the next update. Check out the details.
March 31, 2016

Yet Another “Invisible” Patch

Wargaming has posted a message of scheduled “Micro” patch and server maintenance.
March 30, 2016

HD models from upcoming 9.15 patch

A small teaser for you! Pictures of HD skins, which will be added in 9.15 patch.
March 25, 2016

“Micro” patch for 9.14 was announced

WoT NA servers have been scheduled for the maintenance. The reason is the so-called “Micro” patch 9.14_2 and the Community eagerly awaits for the new changes.
January 19, 2016

Upcoming polish map Studyanki

A couple of images of the upcoming polish map Studyanki that is currently being supertested. …
December 4, 2015

Update 9.13 Test Open

Main Features of the current Public Test of Version 9.13 – Added a new nation: Czechoslovakia – New map for Random and Rampage battles: Pilsen – 26 vehicles reworked in HD quality – Rebalanced a total of 31 tanks – Removed the map Fjords from Random Battles – Various fixes and improvements Cha