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April 26, 2016

Michael Zhivec Answers Players’ Questions

Questions & Answers by Michael Zhivec

UPDATED 29.04.16

These Q&A are dedicated to 9.15 patch and ST. If you want to get involved in the discussion with Michael you can either visit his page on LiveJournal (Russian only, though translate.google.com will help you) or ask me in the comments below to readdress your questions to him. 

UPD 29.04:

Q: Any changes for climbing on rocks and house walls? A: No changes at the moment

Q: You've told that crew from WTE100 is moved to Grille 15. Will their skills and perks be reset? A: As far as I know - no. 

Q: It's really important to have stats of dispersion and ground resistance in the client. You are already displaying in the Garage a number of hidden stats, I cannot find a reason to keep these in secret. It would be more convenient for a majority of players to see these stats in the game client rather than search for them on websites. A: Agree, it is important.

Q: What are tank stat changes on CT comparing to the Supertest? A: No changes, except we've canceled adjustments for T45 Lightweight. 

Q: As far as I understood you didn't add a special sound for switching between ammo. Could please tell whether you've planned to implement this on ASAP even if it's a distant one? It drives me crazy to accidentally deal 100 HP of damage because of switching to HE. A: We haven't planned it all if honestly.

Q:  It is sad that we can't see a collision model of vehicles during tank preview. I was hoping that we would get something like Jove or ProTanks implemented. A: It will be implemented later.



-    Nerfing and buffing of tanks in the upcoming 9.15 is rather a hot fixes that a part of the promised Global Rebalance. It will be introduced lately. Regarding buffs that were not announced yet, there may be a few for premium tanks, but certainly Lowe won’t be buffed. Its gaming statistics is quite normal, so it doesn’t require applying fixes right now.
-    The work on the Global Rebalance is still in progress, and it will be introduced in the [apparently distant] future. The buffs and nerfs for these tanks are required right now due to gameplay issues.
-    It is too soon to talk about the new Matchmaker. There is a lot of experimental work in progress. If these experiments are successful, WG will announce the replacement of the old MM with the new one. 
-    Tier IX-X Skoda vehicles show normal gaming statistics, so no changes for them are planned at the moment. 
-    The armor became less important than it was before an option to buy premium ammo for Gold and credits was introduced. Nevertheless, it still plays a significant role, so this amendment will not be reversed in the nearest future. 
-    WG decided to nerf O-Is because their gaming statistics was clearly better comparing to other tanks.
-    Chieftain will not replace 215B.
-    WTE100 will be swapped with Grille 15 with crew retraining – the number of members and their roles are identical. It is worth to mention that while Grille 15 can be spotted easier on the map, WTE100 was even easier to spot. WTE100 statistics will be shown in the game separately of Grille 15. 
-    There no plans to extend LTs to higher than Tier 8 levels at the moment. Their battle tier allows them to participate in Tier 10 battles. Though, there are plans to revive light tanks in the course of the Global Rebalance.

UPD 27.04: 

Q: The patch note has information regarding buffed premium tanks. Are there plans to buff penetration rate of linear analogues in the same way?
A: All 88/56 will be buffed. No plans for 50mm at the moment. 

Q: Why have you decided to replace WTE100?
A: Breaks gameplay at the Tier. Historically inaccurate. Inconsistent Tech Tree. 

Q: Why does Grille 15 have such gun constraints? It would be more consistent to make fully traversing turret taking into account previous vehicles.
A: To tell the truth, the previous vehicles shouldn't have had fully traversing turret. 

Q: Are there any plans to enhance hull traverse for TDs making them more similar to other tanks?
A: No such changes in 9.15. 

Q: Will you stop writing about the excellent and outstanding armor of T-22 med.? It gets penetrated even when angled. 
A: This tank perfoms in brawling 2 times better than any other MT of Tier X.

Q: Is there any confirmed information regarding T-22 med. nerf?
A: The final amendments will be made during the Public Test, which will be announced soon. I'm reluctant to confirm any stat changes of T-22 med. because they are preliminary. 

UPD 28.04:

Q: Will the Czechoslovakian mid-Tier tanks be buffed?
A: No. 

Q: Will you buff KV-220?
A: We will rather nerf it than buff. Though, no such plans right now. 

Q: Will you buff Tier 8-10 HTs?
A: We haven't decided yet. By the way, the discussion involves Tier 9-10 HTs only. Tier 8 HTs won't be buffed, they are doing quite fine.

Q: You've repositioned fuel tanks in 112. What about 113? It has virtually the same hull. 
A: No changes in 9.15. 



Tech Tree: 

UPD 27.04

Q: Could you please tell whether Polish tanks will be introduced in 9.15 or not?
A: No, they won't be introduced in 9.15 patch. 



-    There is an issue with the reverse movement in 9.15 (inherited from 9.14): tanks speed up tangibly slow and have overall slower speed comparing to 9.13. The developers cannot diagnose the problem at the moment, though they are working hard to find the cause. There is no information whether WG will be able to fix this issue before the release date of 9.15 or not. 

UPD 28.04

Q: Will there be additional amendments of physics or 9.15 patch note contains all information?
A: No additional changes for 9.15. BUT changes to physics will be included in next updates. 

- In 9.14 due to the new physics there is a problem: if a player while driving positions one tank track on a flat surface and the other places on a raising, the reticle accidentally moves aside. If the vehicle is stopped in such position, the tank is sidetracked for no reason. This situation is a major issue for vehicles without traversing turret because their gun can follow the reticle. Before 9.14, in such situation the tank would stop and then traverse the hull to the match the direction of aim reticle. Now, in 9.14, the vehicle traverses much further like if it had an increased momentum. In 9.15, this effect is less tangible.

Q: There are lots of places where we can climb with our tanks due to the new physics. Where will the "invisible stones" preventing us from such actions appear? Will the invisible stones be replaced with visible? Another question regarding pushing the tanks to help them climb. Will such pushing be fixed?
A: Places that create hassles for the gameplay will be fixed. Pushing - not. 



Personal Missions:

-    Fifteenth PMs will not be changed in the nearest future. In fact, the entire list of the amendments is presented on this page: Extra Info on 9.15 patch.



-    No compensations for inscriptions and emblems of PZ.Kpfw. V/IV regarding its transition from Tier VI to Tier V. 
-    The flipping over feature of the new physics will be persistent. The developers consider it realistic and fun. Luckily, they’ve adjusted settings, so tanks are not that easy to flip over in 9.15 patch.
-    The three-caliber rule will not be changed in the upcoming patch.
-    One of the users asked Michael: “is the rampage mode being removed completely from the game or just for the sake of improvement of the mode?” The answer was: “Being removed completely for the sake of improvement of the mode”. It looks more like fooling around rather than a clear statement. 
-    There are no plans to make bots as an option for training rooms. A single player training rooms will not be presented in the nearest future as well.
-    The developers are looking into introducing an XP reward for platoon players depending on battle tier. UPD 27.04: There is no information whether this feature will be introduced in the final version of 9.15 patch or not. 

UPD 27.04:

Q: Are there plans to introduce other than Rampage mode allowing to research tanks up to Tier 8-9 without adverse impact on the statistics?
A: No such plans at the moment. 

Q: Please, reveal the mystery: are your going to introduce any gameplay novelties in the future? Except rebalance of SPGs. Could you please tell us about distant prospects in long time lag? Even if they are still up in the air. 
A: In 9.15 - no. 

Q: Have you developed new features like Garage filters completely from scratch or have you used existing codes from mods in any way?
A: We've developed the features from scratch.  

Q: Are there any plans to introduce a filter showing tanks, which have matching battle tiers when we create a platoon? 
A: No. 

Q: Can't find shell velocity in extended tank stats. Will it be added?
A: Not all stats were added at the moment. Though, this stat was not planned to include to in-game stats as far as I remember.

Q: What about other parameters: dispersion due to hull traverse, turret traverse? Will those parameters be displayed in the Garage in extended stats?
A: At the moment, no. In the future - maybe. 

Q: Will tanks be restrained to climb hills so easily? It look like they are able to foce any slope. 
A: Sadly, no.

UPD 28.04.16

Q: Will the artillery use a solid aim reticle circle as well? And should we expect an introduction of tracing aim reticle (as seen in mods)?
A: No. 

Q: A question regarding a button that displays promo screen. There have been promo screen lags by alt+tab during loading of a battle since 9.13. Will there be an option to this button off?
A: No. 

Q: Do dynamically changed stats have an adaptive design for small-screen monitors, or we will need to scroll them?
A: You will need to scroll them. 

Q: Where will be a message showing time till a battle ends displayed? At the right upper corner or in the middle of upper part of the screen?
A: In the middle. 

Q: Regarding preview of not researched yet tanks in the Tech Tree.
Will we be able to measure the armor at the specific point? 
A: Not yet, but will be implemented in the future. 
Q: Will we see the insides of the tank in the Garage: locations of crew members and modules?
A: No, and won't be implemented.
Q: Why can't we see stats of tanks that are not shown in the Tech Tree and the tanks themselves? 
A: There is no interface to reach this tanks. [Note: I've translated this statement literally, though I think that Michael has meant the developers' term "interface" (i.e. a method or approach) rather than GUI]
Q: Will the game display stats of terrain resistance? 
A: Not in 9.15 yet. 
Q: Will we be able to rotate the turret explicitly in order to examine its depression and elevation along with gun constraints?
A: No.  

- Extra XP for platoons will be granted in case the tanks have the same Tier. If the difference in Tiers equals 3 or above, there will be fines for the earned XP. 
Q: Is this XP rewarding/fining thing for platoons targeted at unfair players who use platoons with high battle tier in order to grind low tier tanks?
A: Sort of. 


Technical issues:

-    Along with DX11 support, the new engine and multi-core system were implemented. HD maps will be released ASAP. UPD 27.04: Multithreading was already implemented in 9.14,  
-    WG is not going to present Havok in the upcoming update.
-    WoT 9.15 client will freeze and crash substantially less often than it was with the previous versions. UPD 27.04: Bug with freezing client on Fisher Bay map will be fixed in 9.15.  
-    No info about 5.1 speaker configuration. The work on the sound system is continued further, but there is no confirmed information about what enhancements and adjustments should be expected.

UPD 27.04:
Q: I didn't get whether the game was optimized or DX11 supports itself provides 30% better perfomance. Or this are just rumors?
A; The rumors are correct. A huge work was conducted regarding engine optimaztion, which along with DX11 support grants better perfomance.

Q: Do we need to update video card drivers or the boost of the perfomance will be noted after the patch is released?
A: It is strongly advised to update video card drivers.
Q: The same goes for AMD cards?
A: Yes, of course.
Q: So, is there a cooperation of video card manufacturers? Like they have optimized their drivers for your engine? Or is the advice intended for people who still used WDDM drivers under WIN7 and have never visited website of video card manufacturer? 
A: In this particular case there were no cooperation. Yes, the advise is intended for users who use default Windows video drivers and haven't ever downloaded the original drivers made by video card manufacturer. 

UPD 28.04

- The graphics quality is not changed in 9.15. Only fps are improved.



APRIL 26, 2016
4:54 PM
Is there a new personal mission campaign coming this year?
APRIL 26, 2016
5:52 PM
In 9.15 surely not. Regarding the next updates, unfortunately, I can't provide you with any information at the moment because Michael currently answers questions related to changes in 9.15 only. I'll try to reach other representatives, maybe they'll give us a clue.
APRIL 26, 2016
7:45 PM
Thank you. This is a question I am very interested in as well. It's likely we will get an answer like "In the future, but no release date yet", but it would be great to at least ask.
APRIL 26, 2016
6:01 PM
Thanks for helping your readers reach out to the devs, really appreciated.
APRIL 26, 2016
4:07 PM
A further question: are there any plans to allow players who didn't rig in Rampage mode an opportunity to get the T-22 some other way in the future?
APRIL 26, 2016
5:24 PM
The question, I've asked Michael:
Will there be any option for a player to acquire T-22 med. in 9.15? For example, purchase it as a premium or earn as a special reward tank.
The Answer:
Sadly, no.
APRIL 28, 2016
8:21 AM
Would you be so kind to ask the devs if they have any intention in the nearer or far future to finally make some changes to the game regarding map sizes and view ranges? As it is, it's pointless to have view range stat, as the rendering circle is the only real stat that matters and it is the same for all tanks -.-

Any hope they will start creating bigger maps and at least try to think about tanks that they put on these maps? WTe100 and other long range beasts have absolutely no business on maps and instead of having fun, this game can sometimes just create frustration (like getting himmelsdorf and ruinberg or ensk 4-5 times in a row with artillery).

Another question:
Would they consider making some sort of filter so that we could limit the amount of city battles for arties or scouts?
For example, the tanks that you own you could individually filter out 1-3 maps that you do not want to see with this tank...That would help massively, and it would add up to gameplay on many maps.
APRIL 28, 2016
8:15 AM
The devs and their public relations is disgusting.
6 years now, they are barely starting to adapt things that playerbase and modders have been adding into game and making it playable this whole time.

Good job on your effort trying to pry even an inkling of damned information out from these bastards.