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May 3, 2016

Anton Pankov Q&A

WG Anton Pankov

On the 2nd of May, twelve thousand of people celebrated the unofficial Tankers Day with Wargaming and the World of Tanks. 

The Chief Operational Producer Anton Pankov pronounced a speech and answered players' questions. 

More than Just a Game

- We care that our users could touch a history, see real armored vehicles by their own eyes. It is important to remember the past and be proud of it. Our project [World of Tanks] - is more than just a game. It unites people from a former the U.S.S.R as well as all around the globe. I'm very pleased to realize that we are and we will be a part of patriotic nurturing for youngsters. 

During the event, WG presented the first ever created panoramic video combining live footage along with computer graphics. You can watch the video - "War Knows No Nation" - here


It is worth to mention that Anton Pankov is a subordinate employee and there were a few cases when Michael Zhivec refuted his statements. You can read recent Q&As by Michael Zhivec here. Nevertheless, there are no contradictions in their words so far and we shouldn't expect refutes regarding Anton Pankov answers to players' questions. 

- We think about providing the players with the an option to rent tanks, especially premium ones, for a short period of time.

-  There are many questions regarding Czech tank line. At the moment, there are 2 options: 1. We make a rebalance of the entire line with buffs for the tanks up to Tier VIII; rebalance Tier IX-X in this line. Maybe, we will rebalance the Czechs along with other vehicles while switching to a role[-playing?] model. 

- We will provide rewards for alpha and beta testers. Most likely, we won't be able to make it in time for our anniversary in August, though on Tankers Day (second Sunday of Septermber) it should be done, I think. We think about unique rewards. 

- Approximately, on 10th of May we will make a huge announcement regarding the balance. Balance 2.0 or role[-playing?] balance we will be implementing with your help. Summer will be a hot season. 

- The New Matchmaker, which is currently on testing [not ST or CT], is called a preset matchmaker. All tests [ST and CT] will be done this summer.

- M4A3E8 was made along with Sony Pictures and they posess all the rights. We won't see this tank in the game any time soon.

- IS-5 will be available only as a reward for clan activities.

- Berlin and Paris will be introduced in Random battles mode. Beside them, there will be one more map this year. But first of all we have to solve the issue with the broken map rotation. Though, we will introduce much less maps in this year.

- LTs have low gaming capability now, we have to fix it. We have no plans for LTs of Tier IX-X at the moment.

- We will remake tank company battles either based on team battles or as a part of Clan Wars. Though, it will not happen this year.

- We will introduce a new nation at the end of this year. I think you can guess it yourself. [Sweden is my guess]

- We have plans to bring Italians tanks to the game in the next year or in 2018. They have almost complete tree, even with TDs, though there are problems with SPGs. MT line is topped with Leopard tank on Tier X, we have everything for it, but we will keep it secret for now. 

- A lot of players ask us to leave WTE100 in the game. The vehicle will be removed in 9.15. After the replacement we will think what we should do with it. The question is open for a discussion... 

- We consider free crew skill resets because Grilel 15 is a completely different tank in terms of the gameplay. 

- In 9.15, making a platoon with Tier X and Tier I tanks will result in 50% XP penalty. The next versions of the game will remove such option completely. 

- There is an idea to represent national pecularieties in a form of special perks. 

- Amfibious tanks will not be introduced. 

- The rebalance of the Artillery is a part of Balance 2.0.

- There are many ideas for the Arty include smokescreens. 

- Smokescreens for LTs? The priority has the Artillery. 

- The significance of armor is an important topic, wait for Balance 2.0. 

- Ladder battles (a type of Team battles) will be moved to Tier IX-X eventually. 

- We consider demountable hulls being an element of tank customization. Hanging logs, shovels, sacks - in progress, it requires a lot of content. Won't be introduced this year.

- PvE at the moment exists as an artificial prototype. The main idea is to recreate Historical battles in PvE, that's the direction we are moving towards. Let's be realists, we shouldn't expect for such innovation this year. 

source: www.vk.com/wotclue, notes were taken during the Q&A session at the event. 


- World of Tanks Generals were a first attempt to allow users to play right in their browser. We will not make updates for the game due to low numbers of online players, but we are not going to shut it down. If people want the game to live and develop, we will continue its support,

- First ever released tank with multiturret system will be T-34. At the moment, we have a working prototype of the system, but it is quite less than perfect and that's we are in no haste to release it. 

- We are not going to merge games, tanks, planes and warships like it was done in Warthunder. 

- Issues with premium ammo will be solve in the course of the Global Rebalance this summer. 

source: www.vk.com/wotleaks, notes were taken during the livestream.