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April 12, 2016

9.15 Updates


There is still no information about when the patch will be released. Results of the public test will show if additional changes have to be applied. 
Rule of 3x caliber will be omitted in future updates. 
There are no plans to replace Object 268. 
No fun modes like races, 8-bi etc. will be included into the game any time soon. 
The game mechanics undergoes global rebalancing along with the MatchMaker and maps. MM is being completely reworked.
The developers have no plans to implement +-1 balance in MM at the moment.
Probability of setting a tank on fire will be adjusted. 
Swedish tank line will be made without Strv 103 now.
Tipping over fixes will be included in 9.15 patch.
The “Province” map is restricted for newbies. 
The developers work on the physics to adjust it according to the feedback of players. 
The patch includes fixes for personal missions. 
There are plans about bringing back the Rampage mode after reworking it. 

New option of aim reticle will be available (switching between dots and a circle).