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April 21, 2016

9.15 Patch Note

WoT 9.15 Patch Notes

UPD: screenshots with English translation added. 

9.15 patch note was released on Supertest. This means, that the Public Test will start during the next week approximately. 

Change log

General amendments:

Subtle differences in a way how tank stats are displayed in Garage: 

- A player can view 3D model of a vehicle that wasn’t purchased yet (can be accessed via Research menu);
- Tanks stats are distributed among five groups: Firepower, Vitality (not sure if it's the right word), Mobility, Camouflage, Spotting. 
- New displayed stats were added. 

9.15 in-Garage tank stats
- Tank tech specs are now dynamically refreshed depending on modifications, crew training, equipment.

9.15 Tank Preview Mode
- Information about how modules, equipment, mounts affect stats is provided in tooltips. 

Basic PvE training: 

- Ally team was changed; battle type: 15v15. 
- Waiting time was reduced. The game can be launched for a single player.
- Start point on the upper base was added.
- Alternative behavior scenarios were implemented for bots on Mittengard and Mines.  
- An indication of capturing was changed. A number of capturing players is now displayed along with the time need to capture the base. 

9.15 Capping
- “Save the last addressed players in battle” setting is turned on by default for all players. So, the chat memorizes the last player with whom you talk during the battle until the end of the game session. 
- A new message informing about the close ending of a battle is added. The message is displayed by pressing TAB.

9.15 close ending of battle

Enhanced physics and sounds:

- Physics comparison with 9.14.
- Tank Garage filters were improved and expanded. 

9.15 Garage Filters
- 9.15 sounds
-  Platoons are rewarded with additional XP depending on vehicle Tier, which the players used to participate in the battle. 
- New aim reticle – solid circle;  

9.15 aim reticle
- Zoom scale was expanded: х16, х25. 

9.15 zoom options
- The number of shells displayed in a battle is slightly changed.
- A button for promo screens was added.
- Ping and server statuses are displayed on login and Garage screen. 

9.15 server and ping

Technical moments:

- Some personal missions were reworked.
- Drop down list and tooltip interfaces were optimized.
- WoT Awesomium browser was changed in favor of Chromium Embedded Framework.
- The has switched to CoreEngine 3.0, which helped to implement new technologies that boosted client performance by 30% approximately:
- average FPS for HD graphics was dramatically improved;
- SD graphics FPS is better by 15%;
- HD graphics now has enhanced lightening effects: smoke and explosions looks more harmonic. 
- Support for Modern Graphics API (DX11) was added. It is recommended to update graphic card drivers to the latest version.  

Vehicles changes

Waffenträger auf E 100 was replaced by Grille 15. 


Logo was changed:


APRIL 21, 2016
5:52 PM
Super je novi patch 9.15