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February 11, 2014



World of Tanks version 8.11 will be released on Tuesday, 11th February on EU, Thursday 13th February on NA.
8.11 test server also available, download client here if you don’t have it yet and install it in a new folder (not World_of_Tanks).
More hands on info in the 8.11 Hands On post.
The 8.11 version will unfortunately feature no new vehicles, but a nerf of tier 10 TDs, a new game mode and a developer mode. There will be a lot of changes to the ingame and garage user interface. All of this and more was revealed in the latest ASAP video you can watch below. It has also been said that this is the transitional update before the 9.0 update, hopefully meaning that this is the last of the 8.x versions. The test patch notes have also been released, translation of which (by FTR) you can find on the more info link below.
YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available

In the national Confrontation mode tanks of one nation will fight in battles versus tanks of another nation. This mode will be for random battles, the same as assault and encounter, so you might end up playing Confrontation if you select a French, German, U.K, U.S or a Soviet vehicle and fight teams of other nation vehicles on maps. This might be a way once and for all showing who’s got the best tanks. Or another chance to whine which nation is OP. Will have to wait for the update to see, but I think I’ll leave this one switched on in the settings.

The new map was also leaked along with the information of updates to Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway and North-West and two new versions of current maps, Ruinberg on Fire and Winter Himmelsdorf, screens of which have also been leaked and you can find them here. Port map was removed. Some brightness effects and bugs were fixed.

Two new medals will be implemented, Main Caliber,to be given to the player, that dealt the most damage of all the players in the battle. no less than 1000HP and Tanker-Sniper medal, which will replace the sniper medal. This award will be given to the player, that dealt the most damage at distance of no less than 300 meters. At least 1000 damage must be dealt this way and the damage dealt must be higher than the amount of hitpoints of the player’s own tank. Received Sniper medals will be saved but no new sniper medals will be given. More info

OK, so there will be new vehicles, but only for supertesters and those are T23E3 (US tier 7 premium medium tank), T95E6 (US tier 10 reward tank) and Grosstraktor Krupp (tier 3 German premium medium tank).
Alpha damage nerf for calibers  150mm and 152mm from 850 to 750 on Object 268 and Waffetrager auf E100. Foch will be losing it’s 1200HP Tier 10 engine and be left with a 900HP tier 9 one. Object 268 will be losing some penetration for it’s gold ammo. T110E3 and T110E4 will be getting their rate of fire increased but getting an alpha buff as well. The WT-E100 will also be getting a slower traverse speed, an increased shot spread and lower turret rotation speed. ( Source for the last one: http://www.blogwotlirt.ru/2014/01/nerfpt.html )

Full list of TD nerfs can be found here, in the vehicle changes section.
The profitability (money-making ability) of following tanks: Lowe, T34, 112, T-34-3, FCM50t and M6A2E1 has been increased.

You will be able to store camouflages and emblems and switch between them for free, allowing you to keep multiple emblems for one vehicle. Crew management will also become easier, with simplified training and retraining of crew, becoming more convenient, allowing you to retrain more crew members with one click. Some improvements were added to the Missions/Discounts window.
Chat history log will be made available, there will also be an option to turn chat off completely.
The tank on fire message will become more obvious, more like drowning, and you will be able to switch off the in-game display of showing the opponent who killed you in the settings.
Reloading message has time remaining displayed from the patch on and fire extinguisher can be clicked.

Game performance has been improved on maps Fisherman’s Bay, Serene Coast, Severogorsk and Ensk. The motion blur effect has been optimized.


FEBRUARY 27, 2014
4:41 AM
Test servers still not working…
FEBRUARY 13, 2014
5:08 PM
I am unable to update what to do, how can we get any such ideas cant the server do it automatically
FEBRUARY 13, 2014
3:32 AM
bardzo fajny wot
FEBRUARY 13, 2014
3:33 AM
nie moge pobrac wota czemu!
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
5:38 AM
I´ve downloaded the 8.11 patch manually (client didn`t do that automatically) but launcher won´t install the patch. What to do?
FEBRUARY 11, 2014
11:14 AM
I done the upgrade to 8.11 version,BUT SERVERS DON’T WORK!!! Please!!
JANUARY 31, 2014
12:51 PM
AresPL jak będziesz miał jaki kolwiek problem to pisz a chętnie pomogę
JANUARY 31, 2014
12:49 PM
żeby ściągnąć serwer testowy musisz wejść na strone world of tanks i poczytać tam wszystko bedzie napisane jak by co ściągasz tak samo jak zwykłe world of tanks.
JANUARY 30, 2014
12:23 PM
ahojte kedy sa spustí test server?
JANUARY 23, 2014
4:01 PM
I don’t see the WT auf E-100 150mm nerf at all seeing as the average damage for AP/HEAT ammo is already 750.
JANUARY 21, 2014
6:10 PM
jak pobrac serwer testowy?
JANUARY 18, 2014
6:39 PM
Test SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
JANUARY 23, 2014
7:24 PM
ty nevíš co je to testovací erver (common test) to je server na wot kde máš nevyčerpatelné množství creditů a zkušesností a můžeš testovat tanky
JANUARY 18, 2014
9:47 AM
Will the 130mm gun of the object.263 be nerfed too ?
JANUARY 19, 2014
9:21 PM
No, only the 150-155mm guns are getting nerfed
JANUARY 23, 2014
1:55 AM
It says only the 150-152mm though both in the video and the small area below
JANUARY 18, 2014
7:14 AM
jak mam stahnout test server???
JANUARY 19, 2014
11:34 AM
Też nie wiem, a chciałbym przetestować.