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January 12, 2015

Upcoming HD models in 9.6

“HD models coming in the next version of WoT, update 9.6, that have been leaked from the supertest” From Upcoming HD Models, posted by WOT Collection on 1/12/2015 (53 items) AMX 50 B AMX 50 B Object 704 Object 704 This is a preview of Upcoming HD models in 9.6. Read the full post (86 […]
January 15, 2014

(Fake) Supertest Tank Icons

Update: “They pulled out some sort of old garbage, that was made and was forgotten or was never implemented in branches for various reasons” Storm (translated by FTR) More leaks of upcoming vehicles from the supertest fakes, you can find a short description for each on FTR on the more info link, or see how […]
January 13, 2014

IS-6 Review and Gameplay

Since there’s a lot of hype around IS-6 lately, due to the 2014 New Year special and all, I’ve collected a couple of the best videos I could find. First you can watch a really good look in to the general characteristics of the tank by both QuickyBaby and BohemianEagle, then there’s a couple of […]
January 13, 2014

ISU-152 Strategy and Gameplay

A look into the Soviet Tier 8 tank destroyer ISU-152 characteristics and gameplay by Quickybaby and others. The ISU-152 is one of the favorites for many players because of it’s huge alpha damage for it’s tier, the biggest for tier 8 in fact, with it’s top gun, the tier 10 BL-10 also known as the […]
December 30, 2013


Sceduled to be released as a reward tank for Clan Wars achievments like the M60, this beast is a tier 10 medium with 2000HP, has good manouverability and the gun from T110E5 (258mm/400HP, 6rpm) Source: wot-news.com …
November 18, 2013

Object 430

Object 430, Soviet tier 10 medium, coming in version 8.10 Source: WoT News, FTR …
November 18, 2013

Object 430 v2

Obj. 430v2, Soviet tier 9 medium tank, coming in version 8.10 Source: WoT News, FTR …
October 12, 2013

T-44-85 – Upcoming USSR Tier 7 Info and Thoughts

  T-44-85 Specifications Tier VII Medium Tank XP Cost Premium Price Gift Shop only Crew Commander Gunner Driver Loader HP 1,150 HP Engine Power 520HP Weight 31.1 t Top Speed 51.6 km/h This is a preview of T-44-85 – Upcoming USSR Tier 7 Info and Thoughts. Read the full post (308 words, 1 image, estimated […]
September 7, 2013

Hands-on with the new Russian medium branch

This article is about the new Russian medium branch leading up to the T-54, coming in World of Tanks 8.8. For more information about 8.8, see this article. World of Tanks version 8.8 is coming soon, and before it hits, I’d like to write a bit of a review of the 3 new Russian medium […]
August 27, 2013

112 and T-34-3 hit the test server

As you can see from the image, everyone is loving it. You can get both the tanks for testing, by playing one match on the test server, which will result in you receiving them, as a reward for a mission. Running the tanks on the test I got a bit of a taste, but running […]