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March 20, 2015

Obj. 730 / IS-5

Seems like WarGaming is intent on bringing plenty more special tanks to the game. This is an IS-8 prototype, originally  known as Obj. 730, that has seen mass production as IS-8 and seems to be named IS-5 in the game. It’s unclear whether this will be a regular premium or a CW reward tank. It’s […]
March 18, 2015

Japanese Premium Tiger

Nothing to see here, it’s just a Tiger 1, that’s going to be sold as a premium tank on the Japanese tech tree at Tier 6. This marks the start of the Japanese Heavy Tank line. Hopefully it’s not going to continue like this. This is a preview of Japanese Premium Tiger. Read the full […]
March 18, 2015

Type 59/Patton Hybrid Characteristics and Armor

Characteristics (100 percent crew): Tier: 8 MT Hitpoints: 1350 Engine: 520 hp Weight: 36,36 tons Power-to-weight: 14,3 hp/t Maximum speed: 50/16 km/h Hull traverse: 46 deg/s Turret traverse: 48 deg/s Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,918 Viewrange: 380 Radio range: 547,5 Hull armor: 100/80/? Turret armor: 177,8/76,2/? Elite gun:
March 18, 2015

Mäuschen Characteristics and Armor

Mäuschen or Little Maus is a prototype of the Maus tank that only existed on paper. It’s the replacement for another unhistorical tank, the VK4502 Ausf. B. It’s predicted to come in WoT update 9.8. Characteristics (for 100 percent crew): Tier: 9 Hitpoints: 2000 Engine: 1500 hp Weight: 170 tons Power-to-weight: 8,82
March 18, 2015

Three new HD models, Wolverine, Pershing and Mauschen

The Russian WoT site has released more super HD renders of vehicles coming in future updates (probably meaning update 9.8). This one includes a new vehicle as well, the German tier 9 Mäuschen, which is the replacement for VK4502B in the German tech tree. You can find the Mäuschen characteristics and armor specs here. …
March 18, 2015

FV201/A45 and FV4202 (P)

The upcoming British premiums, FV201/A45 tier 7 premium heavy and the FV4202 (P) tier 8 premium medium, taken from the 9.7 supertest. The tanks are rumored to come in 9.8 but nothing has been confirmed Pic source Dom1n …
March 17, 2015

Upcoming special tanks video

Still unknown if they’re going to be premiums, personal mission rewards or some other special, or when exactly they are coming, but Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, A-45, Cromwell “Berlin”, IS-2 “Berlin”, ISU-122S, Object 244 and T-34/85 “Rudy” are coming soon, one way or another. Check out
March 16, 2015

9.7 French tree XP requirements and specs

These are the upcoming French tanks in update 9.7 with their test server specifications, which are as usual subject to change before the end of the public test. The data is for elited tanks with 100% crew. FCM 36 – Tier II XP cost: 50 Price: 3,900 Specs: HP: 140HP Weight: 12,34/14,25t Engine power: 105 […]
January 21, 2015

New Premiums in Action

A Russian Youtube channel posted 2 videos of upcoming premium tanks in action. In the first one you get IS-5, M56 Scorpion, Т-54 prototype, M4 Improved and Pz III K and in the second, AMX CDC, STA-2, ISU-130 and AMX 13 57. The video commentary is in Russian, but you can get a bit of […]
January 17, 2015

T-54 Prototype Stats and Video

T-54 Prototype / T-54 Model 1945 Cost: 11600 gold (supertest data) Stats: Hull armor: 120/90/45 (60 degrees UPF, 45 LFP) Turret armor: 180/120/75 Turret traverse: 40 deg/s Maximum speed: 44/18 km/h Engine: 520hp Gun D-10T: Penetration: 175/235/50 Damage: 250/250/330 ROF: 7,41 Accuracy: 0,38 Aimtime: 2,6   Video (in Russian)