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WoT Tech Tree

Arms Race Never Ends

While good skills are important, research makes your life easier. A player in World of Tanks has the only option to get better vehicles without spending real money: advance through Tech Tree. ROF, mobility, and view range – every stat plays its significant role in the course of battle.

This section is dedicated thoroughly to WoT Tech Tree. All branches and their updates with tank stats and so on.

April 6, 2016

CS Tech Tree

A review of Czechoslovakian (CS) Tech Tree made by Quickybaby a couple of months ago.
August 18, 2015

Japanese Tech Tree 9.10

The Japanese Tank Tree as it appears from WoT version 0.9.10 on. …
March 15, 2015

9.7 Update French Tech Tree

The updated French Tank Tree as it appears in the 9.7 update …
December 26, 2014

9.5 tech trees

Since I haven’t posted these in a while and there have been a bunch of recent changes, here are the current tank trees (last updated with WoT update 9.5) for all nations: British tech tree: German tech tree: Soviet tech tree: American tech tree: Chinese tech tree: Japanese tech tree: …
March 23, 2014

WoT 9.0 German Tech Tree

The German Tech Tree updated in WoT 9.0 Panzer IV got split into Tier III Panzer IV Ausf.A, Tier IV Panzer IV Ausf.D and Tier V Panzer IV Ausf.H StuG III got split into tier IV Stug III Ausf.B and tier V StuG III Ausf.G (source FTR) …
October 9, 2013

New German TD tech tree in 8.9

Since it would take too much space to put all the vehicle stats into the big WoT 8.9 post, I’ve decided to post the 8.9 tree and stats separately, so here you go. Tier 4 – Marder 38T (75mm PaK 40/3) Crew: 4 Hitpoints: 270 Weight: 10,81 tons Engine: 180hp Max.speed: 47 km/h Hull turnrate: […]
October 6, 2013

Japanese Tech Tree

The first look at the Japanese tech tree was shared by the developers, along with pictures of 6 new tanks. It wasn’t mentioned as of yet when these are coming, but since there’s a first premium Japanese tank coming in version 8.9, the complete tree should be around the corner (along with version 9.0 probably, [&helli
July 8, 2013

Version 8.7 tech tree

The updated tech trees for the 8.7 version of WoT …
May 31, 2013

Version 8.6 Tech Tree

All the nations tank trees as they appear in the version 8.6 public test. To enlarge the image click on the icon in the top right corner of the pop-up gallery. …

World of Tanks Tech Tree Overview

When you start playing WoT you can choose a Tier I light tank of any nation. Before you can pick any other armored vehicle, you have to research all available modules for the current one. After the option to advance to the next level will be given. The entire process involves spending earned experience. The costs go higher along with Tier. Note, that you cannot spend XP, which was got by using tanks of other nations. 
Though WoT Tech Tree always begins with LTs, at some point there is an option to proceed to other lines. The exact moment when it is possible varies from nation to nation. The main rule of thumb is that you should carefully examine where to put the credits and experience or you will be stuck. In-game missions provide great assistance in accumulating enough XP. 
There are tanks that are not connected with others by research lines. These stand-alone vehicles are called premiums and can be acquired only by spending WoT Gold. They have a number of advantages compared to regular tanks:
-    All available equipment is already installed;
-    Crew members do not suffer from penalties if they are transferred between vehicles of the same type;
-    WoT premium tanks help to earn half more experience than regular ones;
-    There is an option to accelerate training of a crew member with least XP.

Which World of Tanks Tech Tree is Better?

There is no answer for this question, except if a beginner asks it. The advice for a novice would be to start with Soviet tanks. They are fast and have average stats, so it is easy to become familiar with the mechanics. Other nations, especially Japan, are considered requiring decent skill to carry the battle. 
I’ve encountered an opinion that World of Tanks Tech Tree branches should be played in the following order:
1.    Russian;
2.    German or American;
3.    British or French;
4.    Japanese or Chinese;
I believe that this statement could be true. I’ve had myself a lot of troubles mastering French line. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to choose. Each nation has it’s unique style, just look which works for you the best.