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February 2, 2013

Soviet Tanks Screenshots

Soviet Tanks Screenshots from the official Fan art pack …
April 24, 2013

IS-3 Multiple camouflage

IS-3 multiple camouflage skins How to installDownload is designed to use the Curse client for installation, or you can unarchive into the res_mods/0.8.x/vehicles// folder as appropriate. …
November 15, 2012

Current Soviet Tank Tree

Latest Soviet Tank Tree …
April 12, 2012

Soviet Tank Tree

Soviet Tank Tree …
February 15, 2013

Soviet Tech Tree Update

The Soviet tech tree gets a little update in 8.4 with the SU-100Y Premium TD …
April 19, 2013

Version 8.5 Soviet Tech Tree

The updated Soviet Tech Tree for WoT version 8.5 with the updated light tank line …
September 7, 2013

Hands-on with the new Russian medium branch

This article is about the new Russian medium branch leading up to the T-54, coming in World of Tanks 8.8. For more information about 8.8, see this article. World of Tanks version 8.8 is coming soon, and before it hits, I’d like to write a bit of a review of the 3 new Russian medium […]
January 13, 2014

ISU-152 Strategy and Gameplay

A look into the Soviet Tier 8 tank destroyer ISU-152 characteristics and gameplay by Quickybaby and others. The ISU-152 is one of the favorites for many players because of it’s huge alpha damage for it’s tier, the biggest for tier 8 in fact, with it’s top gun, the tier 10 BL-10 also known as the […]
November 18, 2013

Object 430 v2

Obj. 430v2, Soviet tier 9 medium tank, coming in version 8.10 Source: WoT News, FTR …
November 18, 2013

Object 430

Object 430, Soviet tier 10 medium, coming in version 8.10 Source: WoT News, FTR …


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