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December 5, 2013

Japanese Camo Patterns

Japanese Camouflage …
July 2, 2015

Type 2605

The Japanese Tier 10 Super Heavy tank, the top tank of the upcoming Japanese Heavy Tank line, coming in one of the following updates of WoT, probably 9.10. …
August 18, 2015

Japanese Tech Tree 9.10

The Japanese Tank Tree as it appears from WoT version 0.9.10 on. …
March 18, 2015

Japanese Premium Tiger

Nothing to see here, it’s just a Tiger 1, that’s going to be sold as a premium tank on the Japanese tech tree at Tier 6. This marks the start of the Japanese Heavy Tank line. Hopefully it’s not going to continue like this. This is a preview of Japanese Premium Tiger. Read the full […]
June 11, 2015

Japanese Tier 5 Heavy: Mi-To

An early model of a Tier 5 heavy tank Mi-To from the upcoming Japanese heavy branch was featured on the supertest. This was a 100 ton super heavy beast, that featured 4 mini turrets besides the main gun. The model is historical, but the multi turret mechanism will not be working in game, just providing […]
August 30, 2015

Tier 10 Japanese Heavy Type 5

These are the final characteristics and armor schematics published by WarGaming on the NA site for the Japanese top of the tree heavy beast, the Type 5, coming with the next update, version 9.10. Hitpoints: 2,800 Crew: 6 (commander, driver, gunner, x2 loaders, radio operator,) Weight: 160 tons Maximum speed: 25 km/h Engine: 1,20
August 27, 2015

Tier 6 Japanese O-I Final

WG released final characteristics and armor schematics of the Tier 6 Heavy Japanese beast, the O-I, bound to appear on the battlefields in version 9.10. Hitpoints: 970 Crew: 6 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, x2 radio operator) Weight: 155 tons Maximum speed: 29.4 km/h Engine: 1,200hp Power-to-weight: 7.8 hp/t Hull traverse:


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