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October 9, 2013

New German TD tech tree in 8.9

Since it would take too much space to put all the vehicle stats into the big WoT 8.9 post, I’ve decided to post the 8.9 tree and stats separately, so here you go. Tier 4 – Marder 38T (75mm PaK 40/3) Crew: 4 Hitpoints: 270 Weight: 10,81 tons Engine: 180hp Max.speed: 47 km/h Hull turnrate: […]
May 26, 2013

E-10, German premium TD

A single screenshot of an E-10 premium TD on Arctic Regions with no further information was posted on Wot News today. Looking through the internets, this tank seems to have been coming for quite a while now, as the last posts seem to be dating back to November 2010. It was announced together with the […]


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