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June 8, 2016

Half of the Year Best Coubs of WoT

These short looped videos will make you cry with laughter!
May 6, 2016

A Common Battle in Wolrd of Tanks

A talented fantasy on how would look the movie "Fury" if it were a usual battle in WoT.
April 12, 2016

A Pack of Funny WoT Videos

Humor helps to live longer. So, get some laughs from World of Tanks.
May 14, 2016

Best Wins and Epic Fails

WoT RNG at its best. Nice soundtrack as a bonus.
May 30, 2016

Funny Moments by MiqT

Select scenes from recent games.
April 14, 2016

How to BatChat 1 on 1

What would you do in late 1v1 game?
April 11, 2016

M41-90 GF Submarine

A hilarious video featuring the new German Bulldog.
May 13, 2016

One Failed Platoon

Well, that is how you NOT platoon properly. Though, physics is rigged as well.
May 17, 2016

RNG Brings Laughs #55

RNGesus can make you cry or make you laugh. How good it does the latter you can see in this video.
May 31, 2016

Latest RNG Video - Epsiode #56

WG RU has uploaded new video in the series. No translation needed.


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