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February 2, 2013

French Tanks Screenshots

French Tanks Screenshots from the official Fan art pack …
May 2, 2013

AC Mle1946 TriColor Camouflage

AC Mle1946 camouflage skin pack with 5 skins included. …
May 2, 2013

AMX38 TriColor Camouflage

AMX38 camouflage skin pack with 4 different skins included. …
May 2, 2013

AMX40 TriColor camouflage

AMX40 camouflage skin pack with 5 skins included …
March 15, 2015

9.7 Update French Tech Tree

The updated French Tank Tree as it appears in the 9.7 update …
August 2, 2012

Current French Tank Tree

Latest version of the French Tank Tree …
March 3, 2012

French release tech tree

The new french tank tree available in version 0.7.1 …
April 12, 2012

French Tank Tree

The French Tank Tree …
February 10, 2013

AMX 50 120 Weak Spots

The French flagship heavy tank can be a major annoyance and you need to learn to disable it quickly or suffer up to 6 shots from it’s mag before it needs to reload. But while your opponent reloads you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of the weak spots you can find here. Frontal […]


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