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September 13, 2015

WGLEU Type 59 giveaway

WGLEU is running a raffle to giveaway 3x Type 59, 3x WGL AMX, 700x 1000 gold and a bunch of Logitech gaming gear. To enter, you need to join here (or on the More Info link below) and post a comment on your Facebook profile with the link to the event, by using the unlock […]
August 25, 2014

WGLNA Giveaway for 2k gold, 200k silver and 7 days premium

WGLNA is giving out 500 bonus packages for existing players worth 2000 gold, 200,000 silver and 7 days premium. All you have to do is like them on Facebook and try your luck in the giveaway on the more info link. You can try to get the bonus every 24 hours. …
August 18, 2015

The Wild Bunch Competition

The Wild Bunch are giving away bonus codes and free gold in their replay competition. They are giving out a bonus code to winner who uploads the best replay during the week on every Friday. The bonus code contains the Soviet Tier 3 Premium light tank T-127, a garage slot, 300 gold and 3 days […]
December 17, 2014

Win a free E-25 before it goes out of sale!

Our friends at WoT WN Meter are giving away a free E-25 Premium TD, 1000 gold and 500 gold respectively, to users of their app. Their app, Wot WN Meter is a mobile app for World of Tanks collecting and displaying statistics (Android for now, iOS version is coming soon). You get detailed statistics, community […]
April 8, 2016

Win WoT Bonus Codes

25 lucky participants will be granted with bonus codes (six days premium and 1000 World of Tanks gold).
June 1, 2016

Official Giveaway from WG NA and EU

YouTube channel of Wargaming North America has hit 500k subscribes, so they decided to thank you us with a bonus code.
April 5, 2015

WoT Generals EU Bonus Code

For free 7 days of premium in WoT Generals enter this code in your account CBTEUPREM And before you complain, again, this is for WoT Generals EU Closed Beta. …
April 26, 2013

8.5 XP Jäger / Strong Start Event

Called the XP Jäger on the American servers and 8.5 Strong Start on the European (go figure out the reasoning for that name selection yourselves) the events are running until May 24, 2013. The aim is to get into the top 100 list for each of the newly introduced vehicles in the 8.5 update, for […]
January 27, 2013

Caption Contest

Another letter to send home from the front! You can win up to 500 gold by submitting the funniest caption for the image posted on the World of Tanks official site! Sounds pretty easy, but I hear Russian sense of humor is pretty crazy so you better come up with something crazy to win!   […]
October 3, 2014

Chaffe SPORT Tournament

The EU servers will be running a Tank Rally tournament from 5-10th October for teams of 3 players with an option of one player in reserve. Prizes will be credited to each member of the team and are as such: 1. place – 8000 gold 2. place – 6000 gold 3-4. place – 4500 gold […]


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