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April 20, 2013

Alienware Bonus Code Giveaway

And if the whole thing with the passwords and new accounts this weekend wasn’t enough for you, there’s more! Alienware is giving away bonus codes that give you 1000 free gold and premium consumables. The tournament is open to both US and EU players, but the keys are unfortunately valid for US players only. To [&helli
September 22, 2014

Change your password for 300 gold

Change your password for free 300 gold promo is open again on the EU and the NA servers. Quickly now
September 16, 2014

Facebook Gold Giveaway

We’re going to have another giveaway at 20,000 likes of this Facebook page, giving out 1000 gold (or the closest equivalent on the winners’ servers) to 20 people. 4000+ to go seems long, but the last time we were this close and I reminded you of the giveaway it only took a couple of days […]
November 30, 2014

Free 300 gold for changing your password

Free 300 gold for changing your password on the American Servers! To change the password you need to log in to your account on the World of Tanks Official web site and go to Account Management. Good luck and have fun, Yanks;) …
April 19, 2013

Get 300 gold for changing your password

A big security incident took place. Warming is urging all users to change passwords and reportedly both North Americans and Europeans get 300 gold for doing so. So think security and cash and go change your password fast!   More info: NA | EU …
May 21, 2014

Invite codes for T2 LT, 3 Days Premium and 500 Gold

Invite codes for NA server are available on mmorpg.org. All you have to do is register to get it. The link to the promotion is on the More info link below. As of posting this there are about 4,200 Keys Left Each invite code will give you: – T2 Light Tank – 3 Days Premium […]
September 20, 2015

Wha Gwaan High Score Competition

My friend from the Serbian underground raggamuffin band Madred made a mobile video game. It’s in constant development and it includes (or will include) some of the greatest underground Jungle/Ragga musicians and artists. They’re currently running a high score competition to give out a limited edition Wha Gwaan Part2S
March 31, 2016

April Events and News Overview

April is knocking on our doors and WG shares information on premium tanks, discounts and rewards of the upcoming month.
May 15, 2013

Operation Top Gun

Running from May 13th to May 17th is Operation: Top Gun, giving you extra 20,000 credits whenever you win the Top Gun medal. You get the Top Gun medal for getting 6 or more kills in one match. Good luck and have fun! …
May 27, 2013

Restore your sold premium tanks on NA server

This has been going on for a couple of days now, I just thought I’d mention it here in case anyone hasn’t noticed it. You can now restore the Premium vehicle you have sold by starting a support ticket and asking for the tank back. You must have at least the amount of money you […]


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