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April 6, 2016

CS Tech Tree

A review of Czechoslovakian (CS) Tech Tree made by Quickybaby a couple of months ago.
April 18, 2016

World of Tanks Mistakes

Video series by pro gamers, in which they explain typical WoT mistakes with an emphasize on the team play.
May 16, 2016

Hidden Changes in 9.15 - Underwater World of WoT. Part I

The update brings hidden nerfs of tank off-road perfomance (on water, under water) which resulted in obsolete passageways.
April 20, 2016

WoT 9.14 and 9.15 Comparison

The official comparison between the released and upcoming versions.
April 1, 2016

Best WoT Replays of March 21-27

New episode of weekly series. Watch a flawless teamwork of a platoon and see how fearless Cromwell and implacable Confederate go on a deadly rampage.
April 26, 2016

Centurion Act. X 10K DMG

A replay featuring astonishing amount of damage dealt by Centurion AX.
April 4, 2016

Cheating in WoT

Is it possible to cheat in World of Tanks? Well, unfortunately, it is. QuckyBaby shot a video, in which he clearly shows what unfair play looks like.
April 5, 2016

Climb that Hill!

The one, who owns a position, rules the battle.
May 5, 2016

Funny Moments in WoT Replays of the Last Week

A selection of hilarious moments from EU/RU replays of the previous week.
May 4, 2016

Model Comparison 9.14-9.15

HD models from 9.15 compared to 9.14 patch.


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