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April 22, 2015

RU server Type 59 (and others) competition

The 9.7 update is coming to Russian servers tomorrow and is bringing an interesting competition in which you get a chance to win a Type 59, T-54 Prototype, Type 62, 180, 90 or 30 days of Premium. To win one of these tanks, you have to complete a mission for each tier in the new […]
April 23, 2015

Battle Loading Background Screens Mod

Shows mini maps on each background screen while the battle is loading. One map is the in-game map (lower right corner) the others are high resolution views of the available battle types (Standard, Assault, Encounter). Background is a zoomed out shot from the game, with featured shots of minimaps containing key tactics and avenue
May 2, 2015

DAR Artillery Sight

DAR artillery sight is very useful for almost every artillery. This mod includes traverse indicator, time to target, time to reload, distance and current angle of fire. It’s one of the most appreciated MOD by the users. MeltyMap’s DAR features: – auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode – dynamic s
April 28, 2014

locastan’s Clock in Hangar and Battle with Angles

A cool combo by locastan, giving you a clock in hangar and battles, so you can tell how long you’ve been grinding, plus an angle indicator for all vehicles, giving you an indicator of how far you can move your arty or TD gun without moving your tracks. Updated for WoT 9.7 …
April 23, 2015

Ultra Fog Remover

Updates to the engine in the latest versions left some fog remover mods lacking short. This one from Mav removes all of the fog in the game and is updated for the latest maps from the version 9.7 of the game including the latest map, Overlord. A couple of versions ago the lightning on most […]
May 7, 2015

XVM 9.7

XVM, 9.7
This is the official release version of the XVM mod 6.1.1 for version 9.7 of WoT. You can find the nightly version for 9.8 here. These are the changes in the last versions since the 9.7 release: XVM-6.1.1: * in extrafields in the players panels added “enabled” parameter with global macros support * added section [&he
February 26, 2015

Update 9.7 First Pictures

First leaked HD models from the 9.7 update (red parts on models are where textures are not yet finished) E-100 HD model JgPz E-100 HD model IS-4 HD model ELC AMX HD model This is a preview of Update 9.7 First Pictures. Read the full post (39 words, 16 images, estimated 9 secs reading time)
March 15, 2015

9.7 Update French Tech Tree

The updated French Tank Tree as it appears in the 9.7 update …
March 16, 2015

9.7 French tree XP requirements and specs

These are the upcoming French tanks in update 9.7 with their test server specifications, which are as usual subject to change before the end of the public test. The data is for elited tanks with 100% crew. FCM 36 – Tier II XP cost: 50 Price: 3,900 Specs: HP: 140HP Weight: 12,34/14,25t Engine power: 105 […]
March 21, 2015

T-54 First Prototype Preview Video

A new premium tier 8 Soviet medium tank coming in 9.7 YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available Characteristics Hitpoints: 1300 Engine: 520 hp Weight: 35,5 tons Power-to-weight: 14,65 hp/t Maximum speed: 44/18 km/h Hull traverse: 42 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,822 Turret traverse: 40


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