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December 26, 2014

Grandpa’s Content Mods

This is a collection of Grandpa’s content mods. The mods include re-paints or skins for the static content on many of the WoT maps. There is have added color to make stuff more visible, camo to give a military look, and decals to identify country. Included content modifications: North American Content Mod This is a previe
January 21, 2015

Grandpa’s KISS Server-Side Crosshairs

This mod allows you to show both client and server side reticli at the same time, which was possible before the 0.8.0 version. It also shows multiple other information, such as the reload time in seconds, shells remaining, health in percent and more. Note:This is an enhancement for the KISS XVM mod, so you have […]
December 25, 2014

Sexy WoT

A Christmas present for you pervs from an unknown author. You know you want it
December 23, 2014

XVM for 9.5

XVM, 9.5
The latest XVM for version 9.5 can be found on the nightly build section of the mod. While not officially released yet, it works nicely with the latest version of WoT. The XVM version is 5.4.2 and it brings the following updates: XVM-5.4.2-dev: * adaptation to Wot 0.9.5 * added texts/spotted section with text replacements [&hell
December 26, 2014

9.5 tech trees

Since I haven’t posted these in a while and there have been a bunch of recent changes, here are the current tank trees (last updated with WoT update 9.5) for all nations: British tech tree: German tech tree: Soviet tech tree: American tech tree: Chinese tech tree: Japanese tech tree: …
December 23, 2014

9.5 Video Review

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available The official review of the 9.5 update. …


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