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February 13, 2014

Coolice’s Mod Pack

A mod pack made by Coolice, very nicely made, with plenty of information that is displayed very cleanly and unobtrusively. The mod pack features XVM 5.1.0 (with XVM config by Coolice with ranges on minimap), Locastan’s extra statistics, Camera Zoom and 30x zoom mod, Artasans colored contour icons and Latest EU — Clan icons.
February 12, 2014

FOV change

You might or might not have noticed the recent field of view change in version 8.11. You can see how what you see on your screen changed in the latest version on the image above. If you don’t like the change, you can change it back by following the instructions below, or downloading the provided […]
February 25, 2014

Gamer’s Mod Pack

In my opinion one of the best and also most varied mod packs out there, Gamer’s Mod Pack features a wide range of different mods, and you can pick from 4 different crosshair options, from J1mb0‘s, which suits players who like their configuration minimalistic, to Deegies, which features a futuristic floating info pane
February 11, 2014

lgfrbcsgo’s Improved Lighting

While Wargaming is trying to push a darker look for some maps, they’re lately making the game look worse in some users opinion.   Here’s a mod by lgfrbcsgo that changes the lighting on some maps, improving the look of the game for many of us.   Sacred Valley, Karelia, Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Murovanka, Wid
February 14, 2014

Loretai Mod Pack

Loretai’s mod pack includes a bunch of helpful mods giving you a wide range of info, while maintaining the battle screen nice and clean, without any unnecessary clutter. Uses J1mb0’s crosshair and XVM config, x2-x30 zoom, removes scope shadows, has a custom damage panel and an enlarged HP bar and a whole lot more. Yo
March 31, 2014


SimpleVM is a XVM configuration, set up to give you the most information, with the least flash. You can check whats enabled on the screenshot, it includes the most popular info plus the player statistics. To install: you must first install the font included by opening it and clicking install (in windows), then you copy […
February 12, 2014

XVM 8.11

An alternate branch of XVM has been updated for the 8.11 test and now officialy released as a separate branch named XVM 5.1.0. If you’re playing the 8.11 version and can’t wait for the official release, this is the version for you. The official release, doesn’t seem to have any more bugs and is working [&hellip
January 24, 2014

8.11 Hands On

Since the test server is out, much of the speculation is done and we get to see the last update before 9.0 live. Why am I saying the last update before 9.0? Well it’s not 100% sure, but the developers have been hinting lately that we were going to be surprised how fast the 9.0 […]
February 11, 2014


World of Tanks version 8.11 will be released on Tuesday, 11th February on EU, Thursday 13th February on NA.   8.11 test server also available, download client here if you don’t have it yet and install it in a new folder (not World_of_Tanks).   More hands on info in the 8.11 Hands On post.   […]
January 5, 2014

A New Year of WoT – This Week in WoT

Welcome to the first attempt of a new series of posts called This Week in WoT. Along with the usual updates across the site, we'll try to do a weekly review of World of Tanks related news and updates, where you'll be able to find a summary of the stuff we hear and collect each […]


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