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December 17, 2015

Ammorack and Engine Fire hit zones

Skins that will show you the exact position of the ammunition rack and the engine on the enemy tank, to help you learn the position of both on enemies. Updated for version 9.13 To install, extract to your World of Tanks res_mods folder …
January 12, 2015

Aslain’s XVM mod

An XVM mod which gives you much info about each opponent as well as an outgoing hit log. This is the most regularly updated mod so check back for updates regularly.   Updated for version 0.9.13 The mod includes an installer for installing a range of other compatible mods. If you just want the Aslains part […]
December 17, 2015

J1mb0’s XVM Config

Along with the famous reticle, J1mb0 also makes a pretty sweet minimalistic XVM config, which complements the reticle quite nicely. Includes enhancements for the Minimap, the Hitlog and the PlayerPanel. Also includes some nice damage panel modifications. Updated for WoT 0.9.13, XVM version 6.2.0 To install: In windows double cl
December 17, 2015

Jove’s Modpack

An english version of the highly popular Jove’s modpack. The modpack features the latest version of XVM and an installer to let you pick your favorite mods from a large selection of the best WoT mods. Updated to WoT 9.13 Crosshairs: zayaz’s, Delluxe’s, J1mb0′s, Melty’s, Deegie’s, Sword of Damocles, TAIPAN Battle
December 17, 2015

Korean Random Weakspot Skins

Korean Random Weakspot/Hit Zone skins allow weaker WoT players to easily identify a vehicles weakspots. Usage of these is generally frowned upon so be careful with admitting using these in general online public forums
December 20, 2015

Locastan’s Enhanced HD MiniMaps replacement

This mod (and config) by Locastan (and Artasan) makes your minimap HD and uses 900×900 resolution minimap images suitable for hi-res monitors. Updated for WoT version 0.9.13 To install: copy the res_mods folder from the folder in the archive to your World_of_Tanks folder. …
December 17, 2015

MeltyMap’s Math Mod

Un-official, working update for WoT 9.13 The mods brings a bunch of new features since the latest update, you should check out the More Info link for these, for now we have only updated the files here. A really effective mod for arcade, sniper and strategic mode. MeltyMan’s Math Mod changes in game display to […]
December 20, 2015

p0st mods – Clean & Minimal

A really nice clean modpack that manages to keep the look of the interface very minimal, while providing all the necessary data. It’s so well documented that I have nothing to add, but post the description from the forums: Contents Latest XVM version  – Tweaked Colors & Stats  – Tweaked version of SF’s
December 17, 2015

ProMod Installer

OldSkools ProMod Installer gives you an updated list of the available mods for the current version of WoT and lets you pick the mods you want to install. All you have to do is select the mods and this tool will download the mods from the internets and install them into your World of Tanks […]
December 17, 2015

Quickybaby’s ModPack

QuickyBaby’s Modpack features a custom XVM config, zoom mod, Hit Log and a custom QuickyBaby 6th Sense alert. The full features of the mod and the installation and config procedures are best explained by the man himself in the video below. Updated for WoT 9.13 Update   …


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