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WoT Skins

April 24, 2013

JagdPanther Camo Skin

JagdPanther multiple camouflage skins …
April 24, 2013

Löwe Camo Skin

Löwe camouflage skin …
April 24, 2013

British Tank Destroyer Skins

Multiple camouflage skins for all non premium British Tank Destroyers Pack includes: UC-QF2 Valentine AT Alecto AT-2 Tortoise AT-15 AT-8 AT-7 FV215b-183 …
April 24, 2013

Visible rail carts

Made to improve the visibility of the flat bed rail carts, primarily for Ensk, but useful on other maps as well, so you never miss one and run in to it again. …
April 24, 2013

IS-3 Multiple camouflage

IS-3 multiple camouflage skins How to installDownload is designed to use the Curse client for installation, or you can unarchive into the res_mods/0.8.x/vehicles// folder as appropriate. …
April 24, 2013

Stug III Camo Skins

Stug III multiple camouflage skins …
April 24, 2013

Chinese Skins Pack

Chinese camouflage skins for WoT. Pack includes 14 skins for Chinese tanks: WZ-111 Type34 T34-1 T34-2 IS2 M5A1 110 111 59-16 WZ-131 WZ-120 121 Type 58 Get your Chinese Tanks some nice camouflage to look at even if it doesn’t count for the 5% bonus.   …