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June 1, 2015

59-Patton in 9.8

This is how the 59-Patton looks in the game. If you want to change your Type 59 to the 59-Patton using a skin, drop the files you download below to your res_mods folder. It ain’t pretty though The password for the archive is DoM1N.com, which is also the site that the pics and the files are sourced […]
May 4, 2015

9.8 HD models for download

If you’re impatient and want your tanks to show in all their glory, you can manually download some of the upcoming 9.8 update HD models and use them in the game.   Leopard 1 HD M48A1 Patton HD T32 HD AMX 50 120 HD T26E4 SuperPershing HD   To install, you simply need to drop […]
February 11, 2015

lee002’s Black & White Weak Spot / Hit Zone Skins

A pack of black and white hit zone / weak spot skins from lee002. Black represents the areas that are harder to penetrate and white represents areas that are easier to penetrate. Ammo rack and crew members are represented by familiar icons.   To install: copy the vehicles folder from the archive into your World_of_Tanks /r
June 13, 2013

Custom Skins for new vehicles in 0.8.6

arasgrandpa is at it again, this time he made the skins for all the new vehicles coming with the version 8.6. This man must not sleep, just skin all day and night long. In this pack you have the skins for the two new British premiums and all the new artillery. To install, move the […]
May 2, 2013

AC Mle1946 TriColor Camouflage

AC Mle1946 camouflage skin pack with 5 skins included. …
May 2, 2013

AMX40 TriColor camouflage

AMX40 camouflage skin pack with 5 skins included …
May 2, 2013

AMX38 TriColor Camouflage

AMX38 camouflage skin pack with 4 different skins included. …
May 2, 2013

Grille with crew remodel

Grille with crew remodel skin and 4 different camouflage colors. The camo works without the remodel also. …
April 25, 2013

PzKwIV Schmalturm Multiple Camouflage

Multiple camouflage skins for the PzKwIV Schmalturm …
April 25, 2013

M48A1 to M60 Remodel

M48A1 to M60 remodel skin …