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May 21, 2013

New 8.6 arty screenshots

The screenshots for the new arty in 8.6 have been released, featuring the arty to be released in different positions on the new and reworked maps to come in version 8.6 …
May 21, 2013

New 8.6 map

Screenshots from the 8.6 update of the new artillery roaming the new “winter village map”, that seems to be set in tundra to a Korean type backdrop and looks extremely nice. …
May 8, 2013

Version 8.6 – Widepark

One of the three maps getting an overhaul in version 8.6 is Widepark. One of the smaller and most recent maps in WoT this one is one of my favorites to play, and I’m quite anxious to see what it will turn out to look like. …
May 8, 2013

Version 8.6 – Murovanka

Second in the list of the new maps in 8.6 is Murovanka. I think you just can’t get a more WW2 Europe feeling anywhere else, than you can in these pics. Grass doesn’t get any greener than this, nothing gets greener than this. …
May 8, 2013

Version 8.6 – Airfield

Developers released first screens of the reworked 8.6 maps. We’ve gotten used to some pretty maps until now, but these are made just gorgeous. Here is the first preview of the 8.6 reworkings of the Airfield map. …
April 25, 2013

Girls of WoT

While you wait for the latest update, why not take a look at some pictures of girls from different WoT events all over the world? You know, for science! …
April 19, 2013

8.6 Screenshots

Some screens of the 8.6 World of Tanks update   More info: World of Tanks 8.6 Update. …
March 15, 2013

Update 8.5 Screenshots

Version 8.5 screenshots of the two announced vehicles, the Soviet light tank T-60 and the German light tank Leopard 1.   More info: Version 8.5 Announced …
February 14, 2013

8.4 Update Screenshots

A couple of screenshots from the latest World of Tanks update taken from the Public test. Enjoy. …
February 2, 2013

WoT Wallpapers

World of Tanks Wallpapers from the Fan art pack …