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December 30, 2013


Sceduled to be released as a reward tank for Clan Wars achievments like the M60, this beast is a tier 10 medium with 2000HP, has good manouverability and the gun from T110E5 (258mm/400HP, 6rpm) Source: wot-news.com …
December 6, 2013

New and Changed Maps in version 8.10

Some screens of the new map and the changed maps coming with 8.10 …
December 5, 2013

WoT Color Filters Comparison

This post will include screenshots from the 3 types of maps, Summer, Winter and Desert with different Color Filters, introduced with WoT 8.10, to get a bit of an idea how the filters look. Summer Filters OFF 1940s Cinefilter Muted filter Contrast filter Soft Colors filter Photocromatic filter Deep filter Desert Filters off Photo
December 5, 2013

Japanese Camo Patterns

Japanese Camouflage …
October 6, 2013

Wot 8.9 Map Northwest

July 8, 2013

Matchmaking Charts

World of Tanks MM chart in different formats, made by Artasan to help you select your platoons accordingly so a couple of TKs can be avoided
July 8, 2013

New vehicles in version 8.7

Some screenshots I made on the public test and garage screenshots of the new vehicles in WoT version 8.7 from the Supertest. You can find the updated screenshots here: Version 8.7 tech tree …
July 8, 2013

8.7 New Map – Belogorsk

Some screenshots from the upcoming WoT version 8.7 new map, called Belogorsk. Source: WoT News …
May 21, 2013

New Camo in Version 8.6

“Stolen” from the Russian Wot News portal, here is the new camouflage patterns to be introduced in 8.6. The new camos coming are: 1  winter and 2 summer Soviet camos 1 desert American camo 2 summer, 1 desert German camo 3 French summer camos Someone really needs to learn to take some better looking screenshots [&hel