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May 10, 2015

New Supertest tanks

New images of models from the latest supertest have surfaced, you can see them below, along with the links to the characteristics and armor models in most cases, that were leaked before. Kanonenjagdpanzer – Characteristics 59-Patton – Characteristics Japanese Tiger 1 – Characteristics BT-7A – Characterist
April 10, 2015

More upcoming HD model renders

Leopard 1, Hummel and T-34 in their pretty new clothes, apparently coming in the 9.8 update. …
March 26, 2015

Upcoming HD models in 9.8

Some pictures of the upcoming HD models in update 9.8, FV201(A45), SuperPershing and AMX 50 100, and a bonus pic of the IS-4 HD model, coming soon as well. …
February 26, 2015

Update 9.7 First Pictures

First leaked HD models from the 9.7 update (red parts on models are where textures are not yet finished) E-100 HD model JgPz E-100 HD model IS-4 HD model ELC AMX HD model This is a preview of Update 9.7 First Pictures. Read the full post (39 words, 16 images, estimated 9 secs reading time)
January 17, 2015

9.6 HD models in action

Here are some ingame screenshots of the HD models coming in update 9.6 in action. New format due to conserving bandwidth and posting images on FB first. “Some screenshots of the HD models coming in 9.6 in action” From Ingame screenshots of 9.6 HD models, posted by WOT Collection on 1/17/2015 (25 items) This is [&hell
September 19, 2014

9.3 Test Server Fun

March 27, 2014

9.0 Test Round 2 HD Models

HD, 9.0
More screens from FTR: …
March 24, 2014

Severogorsk 9.0 Changes

Severogorsk 9.0 changes, thanks to Bluenosedcoop on Reddit …
March 20, 2014

WoT 9.0 Screenshots

Some more screenshots from the 9.0 version for your enjoyment, embedded from imgur, as I’m currently unable to download them and post them here. …
March 14, 2014

Supertest 9.0 Screenshots

Screenshots from the WoT 9.0 supertest, featuring Malinovka, Steppes and Serene Coast and an IS-4 HD model screenshot as a bonus