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April 26, 2014

XVM 9.0 version 5.3.0


A finished version of the XVM for WoT 9.0 is out, called XVM 5.3.0 test1.

Version 5.3.0 brings new macros formatting for which is best to check out the read me if you use configurations or make mods with macros.

There has been a couple of changes regarding configuration and statistics to take into account when installing, to make the whole thing work properly.

Changes from test1 include fixes for the minimap and the playerpanel not showing after battle loading.

To install: Copy the files from the downloaded archive to your WoT folder, go to res_mods/xvm/configs/ and rename xvm.xc.sample to xvm.xc (make sure the config file is now in the configs folder)

To enable statistics you must register with your WoT username and activate statistics on www.modxvm.com

To enable stats and other extras: Go to res_mods/xvm/config/@Default

For winning chances edit battleLoading.xc with Notepad and change “showChances”: false to “showChances”: true

For stats edit rating.xc with Notepad and set “showPlayersStatistics”: false to “showPlayersStatistics”: true

You can also set live chances to win in the statisticForm.xc following the same pattern. Take care to keep the formatting.


MAY 12, 2014
5:37 PM
Do I need to replace all “false” by “true” or only the segment of it as indicated?
MAY 11, 2014
5:43 PM
Guys if anyone would like a custom XVM building Mail me
MAY 11, 2014
10:56 AM
moslis.wix.com/worldoftanks check this cool website out
APRIL 22, 2014
4:42 PM
I have is the “final” solution to the problems listed here:
1. First do exactly as stated above for installation of “xvm-5.2.1-test2”, And in the statisticForm.xc file set both “showChances”: false, and “showChancesLive”: false, to “true”.
2. Go to http://www.modxvm.com/en/xvm-xvm-xvmconf-configuration-editor/ to create an xvm.xc file, and when doing so follow this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exCKG–qJxU to the letter (follow only the first part of the tutorial showing how to use the editor – the latter part about installing the xvm is no longer valid!). When you have created your xvm.xc file place it in World_of_Tanks/res_mods/xvm/configs/ and overwrite the xvm.xc residing there (the one you created by renaming the xvm.xc.sample file).
That is it: square and circle on the ingame minimap will be shown – stats, ping and all other “shit” will work now!
APRIL 23, 2014
3:50 PM
Thanks for the link to the website and video. It helped me correctly install XVM.
APRIL 20, 2014
8:06 PM
I still download XVM 5.2.1 test1 …….
APRIL 19, 2014
5:01 PM
oh yes, now are all visible. grate job, ty all….
APRIL 18, 2014
7:47 PM
Can’t get it to work. Changed the name of the file in the xvm/config and the only thing I see is the names of the enemy tanks on my minimap and clan icons. No draw range circles or view range box, no stats.
APRIL 18, 2014
12:39 PM
This mod only show WN8, how to enable to show Efficiency? Thanks
MAY 11, 2014
5:42 PM
if u still need help sorting Eff and Wn8 mail me ill sort it for you as i got Wn8 on main ingame page and then Eff on Tab pressed
APRIL 17, 2014
7:33 PM
XVM stats works fine for me now, but my other settings of xvm.xc like markers on minimap etc. still doesn’t work…
APRIL 17, 2014
5:35 PM
my xvm stats or others ingame dont work, its all blank tryied several times but same result?
APRIL 17, 2014
8:19 AM
After installing XVM I dont have any tank markers AND stats not working.
APRIL 17, 2014
10:20 AM
Yes many have had the same problem…..Strange
APRIL 16, 2014
5:45 PM
XVM is not working with the config file.
APRIL 17, 2014
5:06 PM
change the config file located within res-mods>xvm>configs>xvm.xc . not the config file located in the xvm folder
Alastair Anderson
APRIL 16, 2014
3:50 PM
Plus I have just had repeated CTD when playing a scenario – cost me the game. I dont think this build is stable.
Alastair Anderson
APRIL 16, 2014
3:37 PM
Not getting any of the xvm stats and mods to work at all either. Altering the config files seems to do nothing.
APRIL 16, 2014
6:59 PM
Config needs to be the one in /xvm/config/
APRIL 9, 2014
4:03 PM
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APRIL 9, 2014
4:02 PM
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APRIL 16, 2014
1:17 PM
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APRIL 10, 2014
4:45 PM
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MARCH 28, 2014
7:10 AM
i cant open all feauture of xvm, minimap dont show circle-square, traverse, my gun direction, stat not visible in battle loading, hitlog, show only one line. so to sayng that i have modified all files, for see all that i wrote, like other varsions of xvm, whit last update doesent work. someone have same issues?
APRIL 16, 2014
4:26 PM
I have the problem with minimap traverse lines and circles. The problem is in both normal and zoomed minimap with default configuration and with “XVM.xc Configuration Editor”.
APRIL 16, 2014
6:54 PM
i have same issue too. i’ve modified all xvm files to see 50m circle, spotting range, max draw view, gun travers, but nothing, doesent works properly. in the changed version of xvm per 8.11 i was able to see that, but here, like in test server rel 2 and 3, it dont work at all. i hope is a resolvable bag….
APRIL 16, 2014
7:00 PM
There seems to be a problem, reported on XVM forums as well, with the circles.
APRIL 16, 2014
3:03 PM
Mam presne stejny problem jak rikas vse ok prepsano a neni videt statistika.