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January 5, 2014

XVM 8.10


A test version of XVM 5.0.2 Test 2 has been released for the 8.10 version by the authors of XVM. Haven’t been able to test it yet in game as my server has not updated yet, but I trust the guys have made it proper if it has been released as a test to the public.

To install, copy the files to your World_of_Tanks directory
To enable it go to res_mods/xvm and rename xvm.xc.sample to xvm.xc
To enable statistics locate ratings.xc in your config (@Default for many), open it with Notepad and set “showPlayersStatistics”: true


JANUARY 31, 2014
1:34 PM
it’s working but it’s making worse:
i see minimap modified, but i do not see anymore the tanks on the ‘real’ map.
it’s awefull.
(tryed with the other users configs given – it’s the same issue)
type 64
JANUARY 14, 2014
4:18 PM
cool to see xvm will update the version.. but all stats are not updated since 1 month or 2,and i´m still waiting,waiting and waiting……..
for what a new version when all stats will not update anymore?!?!
JANUARY 8, 2014
11:01 AM
Just find the file. Open it. Right click and click Properties. Change the “Opens with” to word pad.
JANUARY 6, 2014
12:04 PM
this mod works with italian game version?
DECEMBER 31, 2013
9:22 PM
When I go to rename the sample file it won’t let me I’ve tried f2 I’ve gone to properties but nothing allows me to rename the sample file.
DECEMBER 25, 2013
8:59 AM
it shows me still the same stats numbers for different vehicles :/
DECEMBER 24, 2013
3:12 AM
The version 8.10 I downloaded has the standard garage presentation for tanks. In the former 8.9 version of XVM, it showed a double row of tanks, and I could select button to show only tanks for which I had not yet received the daily double. Did I miss something in setup, was my former version non-standard, or did that get dropped from 8.10?
DECEMBER 24, 2013
1:04 AM
Works very well
DECEMBER 23, 2013
9:51 PM
Does it show eff, WN7 or WN8, I really want one with WN8 cos I heard its the most accurate formula now…
DECEMBER 23, 2013
9:29 PM
Followed the instructions and works great. Thanks.
DECEMBER 23, 2013
5:46 PM
can someone please help me, where do i put “showPlayersStatistics”: true in the xvm.xc file…
i put in here : ${“configs/@showPlayersStatistics: true/@xvm.xc”:”.”} but i guess thats wrong… help?..
DECEMBER 28, 2013
7:55 PM
go to res_mods -> xvm -> configs -> @Default -> rating.xc
there you have to set showplayersstatistics = true like this:
“showPlayersStatistics”: true
DECEMBER 25, 2013
7:04 AM
I have the same problem to ask about. I understand that exist also an editor for setup. Any hint?
DECEMBER 25, 2013
8:56 AM
Ok, I find and use online configurator: http://www.modxvm.com/en/xvm-xvm-xvmconf-configuration-editor/ and after I set components what interest me, I save the file in xvm game directory, overwriting the old file.
DECEMBER 23, 2013
2:13 PM
it will not work for me
dime bar kid
DECEMBER 23, 2013
3:52 PM
You need to edit “ratings.xc” file with notepad has it says in description
It works ok
DECEMBER 23, 2013
2:03 PM
its a stupid question but how do i download this mod? where is the download button:P
dime bar kid
DECEMBER 23, 2013
3:55 PM
Under the middle photo it says = “XVM 8.10: Download | More Info” This is the DL
Not the big blue download button
DECEMBER 23, 2013
1:41 PM
didnt work for me. i followed each step as directed
DECEMBER 18, 2013
7:07 AM
DECEMBER 14, 2013
8:02 PM
DECEMBER 14, 2013
8:02 PM