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June 17, 2015

Tank Inspector


A new and somewhat hyped WoT tool, Smellyriver’s Tank Inspector allows you to view and visualize a wide range of different WoT vehicle stats and models in high detail with live performance stats included.


Latest version was released on June 17th, version, mirrored it on Mega just in case their hosting drops again.

tank inspector


MARCH 26, 2016
12:00 AM
I don't know how to download this can someone help me and tell me how to download this tank inspector
MARCH 29, 2016
12:16 PM
Click "DOWNLOAD THE FILES" button above and you will be redirected to the page, where you can download tank inspector
OCTOBER 22, 2015
6:29 PM
gr8 banter works gr8 thanks m8
OCTOBER 22, 2015
6:31 PM
w8 actually it doesnt xD
mark west
OCTOBER 9, 2015
10:52 PM
it does not work, it crashes when loading over and over again
SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
1:22 PM
Hi. I can’t launch inspector after 5s I have some windows error and that’s it.
Any solution?
JUNE 7, 2015
2:11 PM
This link does go to a Chinese site. I used Google Chrome and translated it to English and basically the Chinese site in the link is saying that the web page owner has exeeded his quota. So, either Tank Inspector is no more or some how someone hijacked the Tank Inspector site and is redirecting it to a bogus Chinese site. Either way,,, no Tank Inspector.
JUNE 6, 2015
6:27 AM
I have a problem with it since the last WoT update. The tank model is not visible and when I followed the download link above it goes to a Chinese site. I don’t know Chinese. Where is the old link that worked alright?
JUNE 3, 2015
3:32 PM
Its NOT a virus! Avast does that sometimes, ive personally checked it on AVG and Panda, and on Bit-defender, and it comes up as clean.. I downloaded it from this same link and its been fine..
tracie gauthier
JUNE 2, 2015
12:46 AM
how do you get it if it redirects you though?
tracie gauthier
JUNE 2, 2015
12:46 AM
how do you get it if it redirects you though?
MAY 14, 2015
12:57 PM
MARCH 29, 2015
8:36 AM
Its a virus. Download link is redirected. (Tested by Avast Antivirus).
JULY 2, 2015
6:27 PM
even Chrome doesn’t allow download
JULY 24, 2014
5:59 PM
I have heard a lot of good things about Tank Inspector