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March 23, 2015

Xft Damage Panel and Hit Log

A really clean damage panel and hit log by Xft, bringing exceptional information about your and incoming shots directly to your screen, that comes with a couple of really helpful features, like displaying attacker tank and player name in the animated damage received messages, enemy reloading time countdown, a fire sound alarm wi
February 12, 2015

Vertical Tech Tree

A vertical tech tree mod, updated for WoT 9.6, for those who like the old layout better. There are different color options available that you can find in the Цветовые схемы folder along with screenshots, that you can copy to  /res_mods/0.9.6/gui/flash/ after installing the mod by extracting the gui folder from the
February 11, 2015

lee002’s Black & White Weak Spot / Hit Zone Skins

A pack of black and white hit zone / weak spot skins from lee002. Black represents the areas that are harder to penetrate and white represents areas that are easier to penetrate. Ammo rack and crew members are represented by familiar icons.   To install: copy the vehicles folder from the archive into your World_of_Tanks /r
February 10, 2015

Minimal Garage

Minimal graphics garage mod, improving your experience with a slow computer, or just appealing to your visual taste, this mod will remove all the visuals from your garage leaving your vehicles in a pitch black place.   To install, extract the contents of the archive to your res_mods/x.x.x/ folder, where x.x.x is the current
February 10, 2015

Cave Garage

The cave garage mod turns your garage into a cave. The mod features American flags and insignia by default, but you can change this manually to a number of international historical and current insignia. To install, copy the files found in the archive to your res_mods/x.x.x/ folder where x.x.x is the current version of WoT [&hell
January 28, 2015

XVM 9.6

XVM, 9.6
XVM 6.0.0 for WoT update 9.6 Common Test XVM has changed fundamentally in the 6.0.0 update, dividing into two parts: the actual XVM mod and the XVM XFW (XVM Framework). Due to significant changes in the way XVM works, there have been changes in the directory structure as well. The working folder for the xvm:// […]
January 21, 2015

Grandpa’s KISS Server-Side Crosshairs

This mod allows you to show both client and server side reticli at the same time, which was possible before the 0.8.0 version. It also shows multiple other information, such as the reload time in seconds, shells remaining, health in percent and more. Note:This is an enhancement for the KISS XVM mod, so you have […]
January 12, 2015

Aslain’s XVM mod

An XVM mod which gives you much info about each opponent as well as an outgoing hit log. This is the most regularly updated mod so check back for updates regularly.   Updated for version 0.9.13 The mod includes an installer for installing a range of other compatible mods. If you just want the Aslains part […]
December 26, 2014

Grandpa’s Content Mods

This is a collection of Grandpa’s content mods. The mods include re-paints or skins for the static content on many of the WoT maps. There is have added color to make stuff more visible, camo to give a military look, and decals to identify country. Included content modifications: North American Content Mod This is a previe
December 25, 2014

Sexy WoT

A Christmas present for you pervs from an unknown author. You know you want it