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June 4, 2015

locastans damage panel and hit log

locastans custom damage panel features repair timers, bigger fire announcements, versions with centered damage panel and crew icons and a hit log. Version 1 is shown above, suitable for smaller resolutions with the damage panel in it’s regular place on the right and larger Tank on FIRE announcements. Locastan’s Damag
June 3, 2015

Battle Assistant

Battle assistant is a mod that received the highest honours from the developers and the community, winning it the top spot in the Wargaming Developer Contest. The mod is small in size (cca. 60KB) and offers one specific improvement in you user interface, it changes the artillery top-down view to a better one, by using […]
June 1, 2015

Sauron Sixth Sense Mod

This mod changes your 6th sense icon with the Saurons Eye and Sauron saying “You can not hide” and “I can see you”. Which is very good. For the version with sound you need to download and set up XVM first. More info in the bottom link. Updated for version 9.8 …
May 28, 2015

Anfield’s ModPack

A clean, useful modpack by Anfield, featuring the following components: Anfield’s custom blue reticle Locastan’s Team’s HP Bar Hit log/Damage Panel (both dealt and received) – Not Updated Enhanced Battle Messenger/ Session Statistics by YasenKrasen XVM – most updated wotlabs table 2 Line Tank Carous
May 28, 2015

War Thunder Sound Mods

War Thunder Sound Mods from Piciu do what the name suggests, they replace original World of Tanks sounds with sounds from War Thunder. They come in four separate packs, with gun sounds, engine sounds, track sounds and crew sounds packed separately so you can pick which sounds to replace by yourself.     To install, [&h
May 27, 2015

PROTanki Modpack

PROTanki is one of the most popular modpacks in the Russian WoT community is available in English as well. It’s popularity is the consequence of a really well made mod pack in all aspects. It’s extremely user friendly, it allows for backups of previous installations and has many procedures that allow you to install y
May 7, 2015

XVM 9.7

XVM, 9.7
This is the official release version of the XVM mod 6.1.1 for version 9.7 of WoT. You can find the nightly version for 9.8 here. These are the changes in the last versions since the 9.7 release: XVM-6.1.1: * in extrafields in the players panels added “enabled” parameter with global macros support * added section [&he
May 2, 2015

DAR Artillery Sight

DAR artillery sight is very useful for almost every artillery. This mod includes traverse indicator, time to target, time to reload, distance and current angle of fire. It’s one of the most appreciated MOD by the users. MeltyMap’s DAR features: – auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode – dynamic s
April 23, 2015

Battle Loading Background Screens Mod

Shows mini maps on each background screen while the battle is loading. One map is the in-game map (lower right corner) the others are high resolution views of the available battle types (Standard, Assault, Encounter). Background is a zoomed out shot from the game, with featured shots of minimaps containing key tactics and avenue
April 23, 2015

Ultra Fog Remover

Updates to the engine in the latest versions left some fog remover mods lacking short. This one from Mav removes all of the fog in the game and is updated for the latest maps from the version 9.7 of the game including the latest map, Overlord. A couple of versions ago the lightning on most […]