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September 3, 2015

Grandpa’s Custom Vehicles, Crew and Equipment Icons

Sweet custom icons from arasgrandpa, featuring camouflaged vehicles icons, custom equipment icons and more. The set includes historically accurate flags, camouflaged vehicle icons in garage, improved rank icons, improved vehicle icons and a whole lot of other graphical eye candy with a lot of attention to detail that makes the g
September 3, 2015

Remove Intro Video

This mod does just one thing and does it good. It removes the annoying intro video for the game. Works with WoT 9.10 …
September 3, 2015

Scope Shadow Remover

Made by locastan. Updated for WoT 9.10 For players who find the blacked out section of their screen while sniper mode distracting. This mod removes the scope shadow and gives you clear full screen view. Also removes the green tint that came with the 9.0 sniper mode. How to install: copy the res_mods folder into […]
September 3, 2015

Smooth 30x 10-level Scope Zoom

Artasan’s smooth 30x 10-level sniper scope zoom increases your ingame zoom levels with the ZoomX mod and makes the transitions smooth. Very good for spotting weakspots at long range. Updated for version 0.9.10 …
September 2, 2015

Solo’s Damage Panel and Hitlog With Angle Indicator, Centered CTRL Repair and Repair Timer

Solo’s damage panel with a bunch of extra features, updated for WoT 9.10. To install: 1. Install DamageLog.otf font from folder “1_Font” by opening it and selecting Install on the top of the window that opens 2. From folder “2_DamagePanels” choose a Damage Panel you wish to install use the preview i
September 2, 2015

XVM 9.10

A nightly/beta version of the XVM mod for WoT 9.10 has been released by the XVM developers. While the official 9.10 version is not out yet, the 6.1.4-dev version below works quite nicely with the latest version of WoT. To install, extract all the files to your WoT folder. …
July 31, 2015

German War Songs Mod

Also known as German Panzerlieder mod, made by NickTheKing, this mod changes the music in WoT with some of the most famous German and Prussian marches and war songs.   The mod changes the default in game and the intro music to German music from the German Empire era period forward including Strauss’ and Beethoven̵
July 28, 2015

locastan’s Colored Messages and Session Stats

Colored After battle messages from locastan help you distinguish stuff in the messages better by making the text colors differ from each other. Session stats display your current session stats in the after battle messages section, giving you an overview of your current performance. This is the detailed version of the mod, for Wo
July 28, 2015

Locastan’s Enhanced customizeable Radial Menu

A custom radial menu from locastan to replace the default in-game (Z/Y button menu). Customize the xml to change the messages. A lot more info about this can be found on the more info link. Updated for WoT 0.9.9 …
July 28, 2015

Deegie’s Sights 9.9

Deegie’s Super Informative Sights give WoT a futuristic look and you a bunch of useful info to look at while trolling around. The sight shows vehicle distance, effective penetration, make, your’s and the enemy’s reload times and more. Deegie’s sights aren’t updated by Deegie anymore, but GKstd has m