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July 29, 2014

Zoom Out / No Scroll / ZoomX for 9.2

Updated for WoT 9.2 A pack of zoom mods, which includes: NoScroll mod disables the ability to scroll between sniper and arcade mode; Server Crosshair v2 a modified server cross hair; Zoom indicator zoom indicator in the crosshair; ZoomX extended Zoom mod; ZoomMod a top down camera zoom mod for clan commanders.   Each have [
June 20, 2014

XVM 9.1

The new XVM for WoT 9.1, version 5.3.2 test1 is out for the latest version. It’s the official release of XVM for the 9.1 version. New options: captureBar/allyColor, captureBar/enemyColor, to set colors of the base capture bar. To install, copy the res_mods folder to your World_of_Tanks folder and rename xvm.xc.sample to x
June 13, 2014

Compressed Textures

Compressed textures, to make your computer be able to run WoT faster. These have been tested with WoT 9.1 and confirmed to work. These textures will replace your WoT textures so it’s suggested that you make a backup of your res\packages folder first. Be sure to update DirectX before complaining
June 11, 2014

WoT Tweaker Plus

WoT Tweaker Plus, similarly to WoT tweaker allows you to turn off many unnecessary effects like tree sway or wreckage smoke, to allow your system to get more FPS out of World of Tanks. Options you can disable include: High Details Exhaust smoke Smoke from wrecks Fire and smoke from guns Shell explosions Vehicle hit effects [&he
June 11, 2014

Nikodemsky Contour Mod

Updated from original PogS contour mod, highly readable vehicle icons. …
June 11, 2014

Maximum Zoom

Zoom out mod for WoT 9.1, nothing more, nothing less… To install, copy the contents of the ZoomMod folder to your World_of_Tanks folder …
June 11, 2014

Simple and Clear crosshair by Jumaxas

This Simple And Clear Crosshair by Jumaxas expands on the original crosshair, while keeping it clean and simple. What you get in addition to your default crosshair: – reload timer and cooldown guns in all modes (also in replays); – displays the strength of the tank as a percentage; –  the degree of magnificati
April 28, 2014

locastan’s Clock in Hangar and Battle with Angles

A cool combo by locastan, giving you a clock in hangar and battles, so you can tell how long you’ve been grinding, plus an angle indicator for all vehicles, giving you an indicator of how far you can move your arty or TD gun without moving your tracks. Updated for WoT 9.7 …
April 26, 2014

XVM 9.0 version 5.3.0

XVM, 9.0, AIO
A finished version of the XVM for WoT 9.0 is out, called XVM 5.3.0 test1. Version 5.3.0 brings new macros formatting for which is best to check out the read me if you use configurations or make mods with macros. There has been a couple of changes regarding configuration and statistics to take into account […]
April 22, 2014

Reduced polygons on maps

This mod reduces polygons on maps to improve performance. You will gain a couple of FPS on most maps. Best used in conjuction with WoT Tweaker and Compressed Textures for WoT. The language/font code table is messed up, so to install you should use your Jedi windows installer skills, which you probably have by now. […]