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May 17, 2016

OP Arty Mod by B4IT

WoT No Nerf For Arty

Author of the above image: LordSerb


The advantage that this mod provides to artillery players is an ability to make shots with an incredibly high arc. Basically, rounds can fall on vehicles from the sky with 90 degrees angle. No more camping! A tank can be shot even it is hidden behind a tall object such as a hill or a building. The author gave it a name "Mortar Mod" referring to mortar-like arcs.

Shell Arcs

It was released three days ago but already has earned a rightful hate from all World of Tanks players.  Though, it is not that bad. Let's take a look at its pros and cons:


1. 360 degrees fire range. Arty can shoot anywhere.

2. No obstacle can hide a tank from the shell.

3. High penetration rate as the round lands on the upper side of the armor, while the thickies plates are located on front side of a tank. 


1. Up to four times increased shell travel time (~7 seconds). It is worth to shoot only camping tanks and other vehicles that stay stationary for a long time.

2. The reticle is modified so a player has no idea about how long he needs to aim to make an accurate shot. 

3. Not every artillery has gun elevation allowing to use this mode effectively. 

4. It is not a prohibited modification yet, though it has all chances to become one. Players that use such mods can get permanent bans


The mod definitely provides an unfair advantage for those who use it, though it will make life worse for campers mostly. 7 seconds is a quite decent amount of time to move the heaviest tank far from the initial hitting area. 

WoT Mortar mod is available in demo mode on Mondays and Fridays. The demo mode allows using the modification for one day. The full version costs $20 a month.

This is a working WoT 9.15 mod and it works in the current version as well. If you consider buying it I recommend you to test it in demo mode on the CT client. There a lot of messages that this modification is not easy to use and many users can't make it work. 





How to Use

It's really tricky.

1. Choose arty to play from your Garage.

2. Position the vehicle on a slope, so the gun is elevated.

3. Press "shift" to enter the artillery view mode.

4. Search for enemy vehicles that you won't be able to shoot under the normal circumstances.

5. Press "alt+f"

6. Move your cursor and the arty will enter the mortar mode.

7. If there is RED text on the screen, then the positioning is not good for the mortar shots and you have to find a better place, which will provide greater gun elevation. If there is GREEN text on the screen - you are ready to shoot. 


A reminder: WoT Mortar Mod has a free trial time on every Monday and Friday. 

I recommend against using this modification but if you really want it, I beg you - try the mod before you buy it. Most users will find it a waste of money.

Just to be clear, WoT Mortar Mod is distributed as exe file. It is a self-unpacking archive, though I encourage you to test it for viruses on Virus Total


AUGUST 5, 2016
5:29 AM
Mods like this ruin this game