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June 4, 2015



Best. WoT. Mod. Pack. Ever. Even if only for the TOG II* missile launcher. This is a crazy mod continued by Aim_Drol, started by GTO, that brings some fun to the game. It has a couple of features changing your regular WoT from boring vanilla to a true MLG approved game.
Updated for WoT version
This mod has a couple of truly amazing features:
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TOG II* Missile Launcher – Adds a rocket launcher to your TOG II*. What more do you want from a ship? It can be controlled by using J, K and L keys, for opening the hatch, loading and storing missiles and firing in that order. Epic. Doesn’t do any damage of course, and you’re the only one that can see it, but it’s fun nonetheless.
MLG – Main – The main part of the mod adds MLG visuals, sounds and actions to the game, hyping it up to over 9000
Penetration hit marker – Gives you a CoD style X across the crosshair whenever your shot penetrates.
Animated 6th sense icons – Gives you the possibility to use animated 6th sense icons (illuminati included)
Deal With It Glasses – Whenever you bounce a shot of a light-tank, deal with it glasses drop from the top of the screen to fuck with you even more.
Real Time Achievement Notifications – Displays achievements you earn in battle in real time on the in-game UI below the enemy vehicles.
You can get each mod separately from git hub by clicking the links above, or get the full mod pack with an installer by clicking the download link below.
To install the separate mods, you have to drop the contents in your World of Tanks folder, if you use the installer just click next and follow the instructions on screen.


NOVEMBER 21, 2015
10:50 AM
When is version 9.12 going out?
MAY 14, 2015
11:22 PM
I keep getting errors all over my screen saying can’t open something file, i forget what it said but was it suppose to be doritos and other images on screen? Please help!
MAY 6, 2015
3:06 PM
can you email me once this mod is in 9.7 pls it looks so hilarious email (jova7117@gmail.com)
MAY 6, 2015
3:25 PM
nvm got it for 9.7