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February 14, 2014

Loretai Mod Pack


Loretai’s mod pack includes a bunch of helpful mods giving you a wide range of info, while maintaining the battle screen nice and clean, without any unnecessary clutter. Uses J1mb0’s crosshair and XVM config, x2-x30 zoom, removes scope shadows, has a custom damage panel and an enlarged HP bar and a whole lot more. You can find the whole list and installation instructions in the nice overview video from the author below.
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MARCH 4, 2014
3:37 PM
is there any way to get rid of the 3 row of tanks thing……what file is it?
AUGUST 23, 2014
10:54 PM
u can go to settings and there is a tab called MOD and there u can determine how many you want 1-2-3-4-5-so on!
u can even scale the size and the text (fontsize)
FEBRUARY 27, 2014
4:52 AM
Is there any way to uninstall this? I dropped from 40+fps to mid 20fps after install. I do like parts of this mod, just not all of it.
FEBRUARY 24, 2014
1:06 PM
Fab Mod, does it all! However, where do I change the in game auto text thingy. You know like SOS and Affirmative to something a little less gay than the ones in the patch.
Once again, BRILLIANT!
FEBRUARY 20, 2014
8:56 PM
Intresting mod but not useful for me -> fps dropped from 40 to <10.
Game is unplayable now. Graphics at absolute minimum. How to remove?
FEBRUARY 22, 2014
1:13 PM
Problem solved with a computer restard. Now it runs smooth again!
FEBRUARY 18, 2014
12:48 AM
By far the best mod to date. Only sound and a mini map added to the great mod this is.
John Whyte
FEBRUARY 17, 2014
10:07 PM
How do you get rid of the PH as it is annoying
R newfy
FEBRUARY 25, 2014
5:32 AM
did you ever find out, I cant remove mine either
MARCH 8, 2014
11:58 PM
Just delete the content of res_mods
FEBRUARY 17, 2014
6:01 PM
I have a purple box at the center of my reticle how do I fix that other than that I really enjoy this MOD best one yet.
FEBRUARY 17, 2014
6:02 PM
forgot to add that the letter PH are in the purple box.
FEBRUARY 17, 2014
4:14 PM
Hi, I installed this mod pack but I want to make some changes to it. I would like the enemy tanks to have the name of the player and the tier. I don’t know all the tanks and want to know what tier tank I am fighting. I think all it shows is damage panel and name of tank.
1. Does anybody know if I can make these changes?
2. Also, how do I “uninstall” this mod pack if I want to go back to normal WOT.
MARCH 8, 2014
11:57 PM
Just delete the content of res_mods
FEBRUARY 15, 2014
9:38 PM
i love it but i just want to remove the mod that tells me the chances to win and the one that shows players winning percentage…please help me!
FEBRUARY 15, 2014
6:41 PM
Best mod pack I’ve used sine I can’t seem to install the ones I want individually without the game crashing when loading. My only complaint is that the font is very big.
I have had no issues with sounds.
FEBRUARY 14, 2014
9:15 AM
No Sound