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July 28, 2015

Deegie’s Sights 9.9


Deegie’s Super Informative Sights give WoT a futuristic look and you a bunch of useful info to look at while trolling around. The sight shows vehicle distance, effective penetration, make, your’s and the enemy’s reload times and more.

Deegie’s sights aren’t updated by Deegie anymore, but GKstd has made a remake for WoT 9.9 and looks like he will be following up with the development of the mod.

To install, extract to your World_of_Tanks/res_mods/ folder.

This is the new version of the mod with added zoom, armor calculations and a battle timer.


JUNE 24, 2016
2:39 PM
how to download ??
MAY 30, 2015
9:34 AM
The graphics look impressive and it’s a real pleasure to use the zoom.
Viewing characteristics is somehow difficult because it takes too much time until they are revealed. The also disappear very as soon you move the pointer and that also is not OK.
My suggestions would be to add some 2-4 seconds to each.
Thank you and please fix it for 9.8 as soon as possible.
MAY 28, 2015
10:16 AM
This is my favorite sights mod. I could not wish for anything better. However, it is not working on 9.8 Game doesn’t start with it.
MAY 28, 2015
9:05 AM
I extracted to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/ folder and it’s not working. What do I do?
MAY 28, 2015
7:39 AM
Is that already repaired? Could u write when is it done? And little question about deegie… In last patches there were bad lines on minimap when i played arties. Could u repair it either? thx
MAY 27, 2015
3:52 PM
does not work correctly with 9.8.
MAY 27, 2015
11:47 AM
Game doesn’t start with this mod on 0.9.8.
MAY 14, 2015
9:57 AM
Hi, where I can in the Config the handbrake again Activieren as in the old. You is not in Snipermod Active and what Activision in the old version.
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
4:38 AM
Where do you put the extracted file? Just stick it in the resmods file, or into 9.3, or both?
SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
12:25 AM
how to change hindsight’s color.. it’s black..its hard to aim .. sniper is good..and i have white line on the whole screen while i play.. it s anoying
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
7:15 PM
Editing the
for the sniper target panel still does not work.
Please fix the text is too small.
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
7:17 PM
I guess brackets are not allowed on posts
The line in the script is
locations x=”130″ y=”100″ scale=”100″/
4:37 PM
Hi! I donwloaded this mod and as some people already said, is not working with 9.2 and also got the question, this mod will be upgraded to work with 9.3?
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
1:20 PM
It has been updated to work with 9.3 and I have tested it myself.
MAY 27, 2015
12:43 PM
What about are you talking 9.3 ??? Its 9.8 ! I do not understand…
MAY 27, 2015
12:45 PM
ok i understand > its 2014
Phil Evens
AUGUST 7, 2014
10:36 PM
Can the fonts be fixed so they are big enough to read. The damage and range are impossible to see.
AUGUST 5, 2014
6:37 PM
The link for the Deegie’s Sight 9.2:Download is still having you download the folder for 9.1 not 9.2. When you move the resmod folder into the World of Tanks folder the date for the last time folder was modified doesn’t change to the current date. It still tells you that there are folders all ready currently named the same and if you want to copy or replace but when you do that it still doesn’t change the modified dates even for 9.1 folder that is in the resmod folder we are downloading now. So not sure if the link is still downloading the 9.1 mod and that’s why we are having trouble or if the mod itself isn’t right. I can’t get mine to work and I am using same mods I did before the update, XVM and Deegie’s, same as before. They worked awesome together before the update and hope we can get to that piont again. I miss Deegie’s sights lol. Love this mod.
AUGUST 5, 2014
6:52 PM
I tried something different after I did this post and after I extracted the file. I opened the resmod folder and moved the 9.1 folder we are downloading now and moved it into the current remod folder in WOT file instead of moving the whole resmod folder into World of Tanks folder and the modified date finally changed to the current date on the 9.1 folder. haven’t tried it yet in WOT but I was having trouble getting the modified date to change and just wanted to add that doing this made it change. It wouldn’t change any dates at all before I tried this on any file in the resmod folder before. All where dated 7/31 and now the 9.1 is 8/5 so hope it works now.
AUGUST 4, 2014
1:44 AM
The changes of locations tag in the sniper target panel does not modify anything.
Would like to see the range and reload time larger.
AUGUST 1, 2014
7:30 PM
Not working for 9.2
Please update ASAP. Thanks
AUGUST 1, 2014
1:50 AM
Does not work with 9.2, I have tried multiple times to join a battle with just this mod installed and I remain at the loading screen even though the game has loaded completely, after restarting the game to re-join the battle with the mod installed it still happens, but when the mod is not installed joining battles works perfectly fine.
AUGUST 1, 2014
7:28 AM
Same scenario for me
AUGUST 1, 2014
5:14 AM
Not the mod is working, you probably have another mod too and they are not compatible. I had the same trouble while trying top mix a greater zoom mod and deegies one.
JULY 31, 2014
5:01 PM
A very nice mod, I follow you since may baybe version 6 or 7 but why have you taken away the bigger zoom ? X8 is really too weak is there a way to get on like 30X ?
JULY 31, 2014
5:52 PM
Hi, I loyal as well & have the same problem. Thx.
JULY 31, 2014
3:17 AM
I need larger fonts. can’t see all the great in info.
A list of custom feature would be nice also
JULY 30, 2014
9:11 PM
This page says 9.2, but when I downloaded it it says 9.1… Fix please
JULY 26, 2014
6:09 PM
Hi there.
I’m deegie.
Thanks for keeping about my mod.
I’m Back.
and I will release NEW deegie sights.
Many continue to ask for support.
NOVEMBER 9, 2014
3:25 PM
I use and love the mod but when I use it, I get lag… I went from 70 fps(without the mod) to 40 fps (with the mod) plz fix lag…
JULY 31, 2014
3:36 AM
Why can I not zoom more than 8X with the 9.2 version?
JULY 30, 2014
11:44 AM
Hey bro deggie, what your website official?
JULY 30, 2014
9:46 AM
Hey deegie! You have a really nice mod. If you can tell me where to find an update, I would love to update this page with the files as well as a better description.
JULY 21, 2014
7:15 AM
There’s these two giant blue lines when ever I go sniper
is there a way to get rid of them?
JUNE 27, 2014
9:37 PM
Hey, just a couple of questions…first of all, what is the scrolling text at the sides? Is it actually something, or is it just for effect? Secondly, I don’t get the damage and penetration indicators for my gun at the top-it’s just blank. Is this a bug? Lastly, I have noticed that sometimes it shows you what I assume to be the armor thickness in a format like this 145/100. What is this, and why don’t I always get it? Otherwise, great sights!
JULY 30, 2014
2:56 PM
the first number is probably your guns max pen and the second number is probably the tanks armor
JUNE 20, 2014
11:06 PM
Anyone know the setting inside this mod that fixes the sights from showing a horizontal & vertical line across the entire screen? The whole mod works fine, just for some reason, I have a horizontal & vertical crosshairs wherever the mouse/view looks while in arcade mode.
JUNE 17, 2014
7:19 AM
Arty mode ain’t working there is no reload timer and otherwise deficient!
i want deggies info panel with vanilla crosshair is that possibl
APRIL 21, 2014
1:13 AM
please help me
APRIL 20, 2014
9:29 PM
Hi. Thanks for the good work Really love this mode. I wonder when not in sniper mode can we remove the small info panel that shows my & the enemy tank’s info when I point my cursor to them. Thank you.
APRIL 19, 2014
5:07 PM
Hey GKstd,
nice of you that you made a remake of this mod.
But there are some bugs I experienced.
1. When starting a battle the sight is always fully zoomed in.
2. The mod doesn’t save the last zoom factor in gunner sight so i.e. if I switch to gunner sight and zoom in like x10 the next time I switch to gunner sight it’s x2 again.
3. In the last version of this mod, it was impossible to switch in or out of gunner sight by scrolling. That might be not a bug but was a convenient feature.
Would be nice if you could fix this.
Best regards
APRIL 22, 2014
3:47 PM
I am having the same issues. Will there be a fix for this?
APRIL 18, 2014
9:13 AM
Server-sided fix please
FEBRUARY 19, 2014
10:32 AM
Is there a way to integrate an Artillery Traverse into the Deegie’s pack?
What I mean by Artillery Traverse is while your in arty mode it shows how far you can move your gun left to right without it making your tracks traverse.
DECEMBER 27, 2013
3:27 AM
I transferred .rar file to C:…/res_mods/8.10 but I still have vanilla site?
Help please
DECEMBER 24, 2013
7:18 PM
They had this combined with Meltys in 8.9 any chance they will for 8.10
João Baptista
DECEMBER 24, 2013
2:37 AM
i’d really like a new sight…