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March 29, 2016

How to Spot with LT

A comprehensive tutorial on spotting featuring replays on Prokhorovka map. Watching this video will help you better understand the techniques of scouting as well as get essential bits of knowledge about the map.
March 29, 2016

Real-world AC-1 Sentinel: Its History and Tech Specs by Chieftain

Quite interesting and educating video about Australian AC-1 Sentinel. The clip is dedicated to the recent transportation of the tank by WG.
March 29, 2016

Tier 8 Penetration Contest

Get your chance to win 100 Gold! Register for the in-game contest at gosutactics.com, make the highest average of penetrating shots and get your reward.
March 29, 2016

Weekly Discounts for Premium Tanks Coming to an End

Three premium tanks are available in Premium Shop up until the 1st of April. When the deals are closed, the tanks will be removed from the shop.
March 27, 2016

Quick Fix for “Can’t Buy a Tank” Problem After Micropatch Update

If you have enough credits and unlocked all necessary reseaches but the “Purchase” button is still inactive, then these simple steps will help you.
March 27, 2016

Reworked HD Skin for Soviet T-150

The skin now works with 9.14 patch. HD textures were reworked for all parts except the cupola of T-150 turret.
March 26, 2016

Official FCM 50t Guide

Official guide to the French tank FCM 50t from WoT NA. Watch the video if you consider renting the tank in order to participate in Heavy Throwdown.
March 25, 2016

Heavy Tanks in 1v1 Tournament

Do not miss your chance to participate in the thrilling challenge! 1v1 tournament in Heavy Class up to Tier VIII.
March 25, 2016

“Micro” patch for 9.14 was announced

WoT NA servers have been scheduled for the maintenance. The reason is the so-called “Micro” patch 9.14_2 and the Community eagerly awaits for the new changes.
March 25, 2016

One Client for All Regions

A team of experienced modders has released a fix that makes one copy of WoT client eligible to play on all servers.
March 25, 2016

Amazing Video of the New Physics Development

Wargaming has shot interesting and informative video featuring the development process of in-game physics.
March 25, 2016

Free Gold Giveaway Continues

A little reminder for those, who have been busy with March rampage in World of Tanks. You still have a week to make some Free Gold!
March 24, 2016

WG Released Australian AC-1 Sentinel Premium Tank

While transferring the real tank to its new home, Wargaming decided to make a gift for the community. Australian AC-1 Sentinel is available until May 6.
March 24, 2016

HD Skin Remodel for Chinese 113

Good news for folks who are into Chinese tanks! Download a brand new 113 HD skin right here
January 26, 2016

20 x 1000 Gold and 6 Premium Vehicles Giveaway

Our friends at TWB gaming have teamed up with DiNG again, to have another big giveaway happening. This time they’re giving out 20x 1000 Gold and 7 days of premium, 3x Tier 6 Premium vehicle, 3x Tier 7 Premium vehicle and if DiNG gets their followers up to 2350 from the current 1750 another 2x […]
January 19, 2016

Upcoming polish map Studyanki

A couple of images of the upcoming polish map Studyanki that is currently being supertested. …
January 12, 2016

Unicum Guide to Löwe

A nice guide to the Löwe, one of the most efficient Premium vehicles in the game if you learn how to treat it properly, like this video should help you do. …
December 25, 2015

New Year specials (EU)

New Year specials as posted by the EU portal. I hate getting information on mouseover, so I made myself this. It ain’t pretty but I like it better than mouse-overing some dates. 25 December   off all Tier VIII – X regular vehicles   off all German Tier II – V regular vehicles   off all German Tier VI
December 24, 2015

New Years Gift (EU)

New Years Gifts have arrived on EU server in WoT. For winning any battle with any tank you get: Tier 3 Premium 43M Toldi III with 50% crew 5x food for each nation (40 in total) 1 garage slot 1 premium day …
December 24, 2015

TWB Gamings New Year Giveaway

Our friends at TWB Gaming and DiNG clans have joined together to make a New Years Giveaway for their fans. They’re giving out  20 bonus codes and 4 tier 6 premium vehicles to the winners. The 20 bonus codes bring you 1000 gold and 7 days of premium each and 4 winners will be picked who will […]
December 24, 2015

Hidden code from the Advent Calendar (EU)

The hidden code from the Advent Calendar everyone was hyped about, brings you 24 chocolates! The code you can input on your account is AXTHGH12BN15MASA GL, HF and happy holidays! …
December 20, 2015

p0st mods – Clean & Minimal

A really nice clean modpack that manages to keep the look of the interface very minimal, while providing all the necessary data. It’s so well documented that I have nothing to add, but post the description from the forums: Contents Latest XVM version  – Tweaked Colors & Stats  – Tweaked version of SF’s
December 20, 2015

Vertical Tech Tree

A new vertical tech tree mod by Johny_Bafak, that replaces the ReCo’s Vertical Tech Tree that is no longer in development. What it does is replace the horizontal scrolling tech tree, that some people find unintelligible, with a vertical one, that fits your screen horizontally and scrolls down. This solution works with all
December 20, 2015

Locastan’s Enhanced HD MiniMaps replacement

This mod (and config) by Locastan (and Artasan) makes your minimap HD and uses 900×900 resolution minimap images suitable for hi-res monitors. Updated for WoT version 0.9.13 To install: copy the res_mods folder from the folder in the archive to your World_of_Tanks folder. …
December 17, 2015

Jove’s Modpack

An english version of the highly popular Jove’s modpack. The modpack features the latest version of XVM and an installer to let you pick your favorite mods from a large selection of the best WoT mods. Updated to WoT 9.13 Crosshairs: zayaz’s, Delluxe’s, J1mb0′s, Melty’s, Deegie’s, Sword of Damocles, TAIPAN Battle
December 17, 2015

webium’s modpack

  Webium’s modpack for WoT 0.9.13 includes XVM 6.2.0-dev and different versions of mods in all categories with an installer and a control panel to help you manage any mods you decide to install. The latest additions to the mod pack include:   Hangars – you can install multiple hangars and switch between
December 17, 2015

ProMod Installer

OldSkools ProMod Installer gives you an updated list of the available mods for the current version of WoT and lets you pick the mods you want to install. All you have to do is select the mods and this tool will download the mods from the internets and install them into your World of Tanks […]
December 17, 2015

J1mb0’s XVM Config

Along with the famous reticle, J1mb0 also makes a pretty sweet minimalistic XVM config, which complements the reticle quite nicely. Includes enhancements for the Minimap, the Hitlog and the PlayerPanel. Also includes some nice damage panel modifications. Updated for WoT 0.9.13, XVM version 6.2.0 To install: In windows double cl
December 17, 2015

MeltyMap’s Math Mod

Un-official, working update for WoT 9.13 The mods brings a bunch of new features since the latest update, you should check out the More Info link for these, for now we have only updated the files here. A really effective mod for arcade, sniper and strategic mode. MeltyMan’s Math Mod changes in game display to […]
December 17, 2015

Quickybaby’s ModPack

QuickyBaby’s Modpack features a custom XVM config, zoom mod, Hit Log and a custom QuickyBaby 6th Sense alert. The full features of the mod and the installation and config procedures are best explained by the man himself in the video below. Updated for WoT 9.13 Update   …
December 17, 2015

Odem Mortis OMC Modpack

An all in one mod installer by Odem Mortis, features a long list of installable mods, letting you pick what mods you want to install featuring XVM, icons, zoom mods, sights and more stuff you can find on the more info link below or by running the installer. The installer also checks for the last […]
December 17, 2015

Korean Random Weakspot Skins

Korean Random Weakspot/Hit Zone skins allow weaker WoT players to easily identify a vehicles weakspots. Usage of these is generally frowned upon so be careful with admitting using these in general online public forums
December 17, 2015

J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod

Official update for WoT 9.14, version 1.55 of the mod Widely popular J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod upgrades your reticle display to show reload time and offers improved cross-hairs. – crosshair_panel_arcade.swf : Crosshair for arcade mode – crosshair_panel_sniper.swf : Crosshiar for sniper mode – crosshair_panel_stra
December 17, 2015

Ammorack and Engine Fire hit zones

Skins that will show you the exact position of the ammunition rack and the engine on the enemy tank, to help you learn the position of both on enemies. Updated for version 9.13 To install, extract to your World of Tanks res_mods folder …
December 12, 2015

WoT Advent Calendar (EU)

The WoT Advent Calendar promotion has started today, bringing another “gift” every day of December up until Christmas Eve, December 24th. December 14th brings you: 360 days of premium for 68.33€ in the Premium Shop December 12th brings you: Tier III Premium Sexton I, a garage slot and 1450 gold and 30 days o
December 9, 2015

How to win random battles

A seriously interesting video, that will help you better your game and win more in random battles by Zeven. Highly recommended! …
December 7, 2015

9.12 vs. 9.13 HD models comparison

A video from FerrariHD comparing the HD models in update 9.13 vs. the ones we had until now. …
December 5, 2015

XVM 9.13

Development version of the XVM mod for WoT Update 9.13 Common Test, nothing more, nothing less …
December 4, 2015

Update 9.13 Test Open

Main Features of the current Public Test of Version 9.13 – Added a new nation: Czechoslovakia – New map for Random and Rampage battles: Pilsen – 26 vehicles reworked in HD quality – Rebalanced a total of 31 tanks – Removed the map Fjords from Random Battles – Various fixes and improvements Cha
December 3, 2015

December Specials on NA servers

December 1st, 03:20 PT until December 2nd, 03:20 PT T-28-F30 = 1x Garage Slot 500 Gold $9.99 December 2nd, 03:20 PT until December 3rd, 03:20 PT T-34-85M 1x Garage Slot 1,200 Gold December 3rd, 03:20 PT until December 4th, 03:20 PT BT-SV 1x Garage Slot 21,000 Gold 100% Trained Crew $99.99 December 4th, 03:20 PT […]
November 20, 2015

Gold Premium Tanks In The Tech Tree

This mod from Aslain changes the icons for the Premium tanks in your garage to gold ones. To install, copy the folder included in the downloaded archive to your World_of_Tanks folder …
November 19, 2015

XVM for 9.12

This is the latest update of the popular XVM mod,build 4941,  for WoT update 9.12. This XVM is version 6.1.6, updated on November 19th 11:07 CET. If you don’t, all you need to do is to extract all the files to your WoT CT folder. …
November 19, 2015

WoW Style XVM Config

An XVM WoW style config set, showing player efficiency in WoW default colors. Compatible with WoT version 0.9.12 and XVM 6.1.6 …
November 19, 2015

J1mB0’s Contour Icon Mod

Colored in-game and loading screen icons for vehicle type indication with nation icons and tier numbers. Updated for WoT version 9.12   …
November 19, 2015

Grandpa’s KISS XVM Enhanced Edition

Updated for WoT version 0.9.12, latest update to XVM 6.1.6 This mod provides new features to the KISS XVM Interface, for players that want to go beyond SIMPLE. It can also be used as a stand-alone mod to provide MyHitLog only, Enhanced Mimmap, and Over Tank Marker features outlined here. It will work with various crosshair [&he
November 17, 2015

9.12 Update Review Video

This is the release video for the 9.12 update with English subtitles …
November 8, 2015

M46 Patton KR

Characteristics: Tier: 8 MT Hitpoints: 1450 Engine: 810 hp Weight: 44 tons Power-to-weight: 18.41 hp/t Maximum speed: 48.3/20 km/h Hull traverse: 38 deg/s Turret traverse: 39.6 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,247/1,438/2,397 Viewrange: 390 Radio range: 776.9 Hull armor: 101,6 /76,2 /? mm Turret armor: 101,6 /76,2/? mm Gun: 90 mm Gun
November 8, 2015

leKpz M 41 90 mm

Characteristics: Tier: 7 premium LT Hitpoints: 900 Engine: 500 hp Weight: 23,5 tons Power-to-weight: 21.28 hp/t Maximum speed: 72,4/24 km/h Hull traverse: 54 deg/s Turret traverse: 52,1 deg/s Terrain resistance: 0,575/0,671/1,151 Viewrange: 400 Radio range: 745 Hull armor: 25,4/25,4/? mm Turret armor: 25,4/25,4/? mm Gun: 90/76 m
November 8, 2015

Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP

Characteristics: Tier: 9 MT Hitpoints: 1675 Engine: 500 hp Weight: 24,7 tons Power-to-weight: 20.24 hp/t Maximum speed: 65/20 km/h Hull traverse: 42 deg/s Turret traverse: 48 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,014 Viewrange: 370 Radio range: 570 Hull armor: 30/25? mm Turret armor: 30/25/? mm Gun: Canon de 90mm V0 930 m/s Da
November 8, 2015

Upcoming Premium tanks

WG has unveiled a bunch of Premium/Reward tanks coming in the near future. It’s unclear when exactly these will be coming to the game, due to the changes in plans since the 10.0 update fiasco, or whatever you want to call it, but they’re probably all coming before or including with the 10.1 update. Sentinel […