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Comprehensive Information on World of Tanks

This section contains tons of useful stuff related to WoT including latest news, released and upcoming patches, tank stats and reviews, Tech Tree overviews and hints as well as interesting videos about armored vehicles and the game itself.

Get to Know World of Tanks Better!

I’ve spent many years and still keep on searching for the tiniest bits of information on WoT. On this page, you can observe my latest findings. My goal is to learn about the game as much as I can, and I will be glad to share this knowledge with you. Can’t even imagine how easier it would be to become a skilled player having all such information in one place at the moment, when I launched World of Tanks client for the first time.

Section Structure

For convenience, all articles in this section are organized into five subsections:

  • WOT UPDATES. It is quite frustrating when you have an epic battle, and the server goes offline. The only way to be prepared is to monitor the official website continuously. Luckily, I have enough spare time to keep my eye on new posts of WG staff members, so no surprises anymore. Also, this subsection is an excellent source to pick up some news and rumors related to upcoming changes in World of Tanks.
  • WOT GENERAL. General information about WoT. Every article, which cannot be categorized in another way, falls into this section. Besides that, if you have any issues with the client or gaming experience, check out whether the solution to your problem is here.
  • WOT TANKS. The most exciting things of all stuff in World of Tanks are its armored vehicles. The developers have implemented our wildest dreams in these massive moving bulks of guns and almost impenetrable plates. A pure essence of power is controlled literally by your fingertips. This section contains stats of WoT tanks as well as their reviews. WG introduces new vehicles not that often, so even a rumor about leaked information of never-before-seen tank makes a gamer excited.
  • WOT TECH TREE. The only way to advance is to research. It is quite easy to get lost in nations and their Tech Trees. Keep up with the latest changes in this subsection.
  • WOT VIDEO. Reviews, in-game footage, WoT replays, model comparisons and so on. Practically, it is a place for all video related to World of Tanks that can’t be considered a guide or tutorial.  

I strive to add new articles every day so be sure to come back here tomorrow for more interesting information on WoT.