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April 17, 2016

WoT Modern Tanks


A few days ago, Rita Sobral posted information about the early-stage development of World of Tanks with modern vehicles. She called it WoT 2.0 and mentioned reliable sources as the reference. She noted that the game is in pre-alpha testing stage and it is expected to be announced until the end of this year. After this post, the Web has exploded with new rumors about Tier XII and XI, contradictions and so on. So, let’s try to understand what’s going on.

First Things First

Developers first mentioned including modern tanks in the game on… the 1st of April, 2015. That’s one unreliable date to trust anyone. Nevertheless, the information has acquired new value in view of the recent breaking news. Here is the video, which was published on that day:

According to the April 1st post, the tanks will be used to expand existing Tech Tree to Tier XI and XII. I guess this statement is the reason for all the related rumors.

When the jokes were over, the developers (SerB for example) have never said that the upper tiers will or will not exist. The only message on forums I was able to find states that such expansion is possible but was not in the development at that moment.

Some Screenshots

WoT Challenger 2

WoT Challenger 2

WoT modern tanks

WoT Leopard 1A5

Insider’s Insights

Rita Sobral talks about WoT 2.0 like it is a brand new game, which is completely separated from the World of Tanks we play right now. She connects the roots of the idea with the success of Armored Warfare, which has shown a great interest in modern vehicles among players worldwide.

A year has passed since the WG April 1st joke, but Rita insists that her news is not a hoax or joke. The time has shown that her predictions are likely to come true, so I don’t think that she could have been misled.

Final Thoughts

It would be great to play in World of Tanks with the latest armored vehicles, but there are too many questions at the moment.

  • The first one is whether the company plans to abandon the current game. WoT 1.0 is still in the development, and it has a lot of technical and gameplay issues. Viktor Kyslyi talks about the complete rebalancing of the entire game, and Michael Zhivec confirms his words. Therefore, we can hope that there are no plans now to leave WoT 1.0 behind and move forward to the next project.
  • Will the modern vehicles be included in the current WoT or World of Tanks 2.0 is going to be a totally different game? I assume that the ways of modern warfare have a lot of features, which were not possible for mid-20th tanks. Target-seeking shells, new types of armor – just to name a few. I think it is easier to implement such battle mechanics in a brand new game than try to include them in already existing one, which is barely balanced in addition. I do not have any information regarding Tier Xi-XII tanks, but if they appear they will unlikely bring new gameplay with them.
  • When should we expect WoT 2.0 to be announced? Rita mentioned “Gamescon” as the possible date. It’s quite an ambiguous term, which can refer tp Gamescom (August 17-21) or any other game convention.

I hope we will hear more details soon. Meanwhile, it is possible to transform current WoT tanks into modern armored vehicles if you want. I will post a large pack of skins in a few days, be sure to check it out ;-)


APRIL 18, 2016
1:38 PM
Hi, just wanted to say, love your Blog, keep it up, better than Ritas as its easier to nav/read and is more current, with more articles.

Also, better that TAP, again nice clean layout, quick to load, and better still no WOWS.

This is now my favourite portal for the latest info.

Also, cant wait for the Modern tank skins!