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April 19, 2016

Victor Kisliy Talks About GF and Esports

Wargaming CEO Victor Kisliy

The interview was taken on the second day of the Grand Finals. 

Timecodes of Questions:

- [0:14] What was the idea behind establishing World of Tanks as an Esports event - was it initially driven by marketing ideas?

- [1:19] What makes World of Tanks so attractive for Esports?

- [2:20] Esports gets more popular every day - what do you think about its importance for the global gaming business?

- [3:45] Do you think Esports will inspire you to create new content for World of Tanks?

- [4:25] How big is the impact of the Grand Finals on World of Tanks? E.G. is there a significant change in player numbers during or after the event?

- [5;30] It's obvious, that you are finetuning the gameplay of WoT for the finals in order to be better understandable and more approachable for the audience - how do you decide, whats working good and what not?

- [7:06] Does that mean: Happy players AND happy audience?

- [7:45] Could there be a contradiction between what pro players want and what the audience asks for?

- [8:13] The entrance for the finals is free of charge, your investment into Esports seems to be pretty huge - how much does it really cost you?

- [9:01] You moved to a bigger venue this time again, but it's not "sold out". Are you disappointed, because the hall is not as full as you may have expected?

- [9:31] Are you satisfied with the numbers so far? (note: The interview was conducted on the second day of the GF)

- [9:44] I see a lot of parents visiting the finals with their kids - often very small ones. There apparently is no age restriction - do you think that's okay?

- [10:25] What are your future plans for WoT Esports - will you change the location or stay in Warsaw?