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April 3, 2016

How to Get WoT Mods Back

Recent updates have interfered with WoT mods, so most players are stuck with the vanilla client again. Luckily, there is a quick fix.
March 31, 2016

April Events and News Overview

April is knocking on our doors and WG shares information on premium tanks, discounts and rewards of the upcoming month.
March 30, 2016

Rewards for March Mapness

The March Mapness has been successfully ended. If you didn’t get your reward, check out what you have to do.
March 27, 2016

Quick Fix for “Can’t Buy a Tank” Problem After Micropatch Update

If you have enough credits and unlocked all necessary reseaches but the “Purchase” button is still inactive, then these simple steps will help you.
August 3, 2015

Graphics Comparison For Different Systems

A comparison of graphics between the different versions of WoT currently available, Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 vs. PC. The Xbox one version is running in native 1920×1080 resolution with completely reworked textures from X360 and PC, including new lighting effects and rolling clouds, along with a fully 3D backdrop in the distan
April 10, 2015

More upcoming HD model renders

Leopard 1, Hummel and T-34 in their pretty new clothes, apparently coming in the 9.8 update. …
June 17, 2014

T2LT, 3 days premium and 500 gold on NA for new accounts

As the title says, you can get a T2 LT premium tank, 500 free gold and 3 days free premium when creating a new account on the North American Server, using an invite code you get from mmorpg.com.   All you have to do is login, or if you don’t have an account, sign up, […]
November 22, 2013

Megafactories Wargaming

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available A 40-minute documentary from National Geographic about Wargaming and World of Tanks. The video is quite interesting by itself if you don’t have any idea about how games are made, if you do, the whole thing feels more like a long commercial. But [&h
November 8, 2013

Matchmaking Chart for 8.9

8.9, MM
Here you can see what tiers different vehicles in World of Tanks get matched with. …
May 27, 2013

Restore your sold premium tanks on NA server

This has been going on for a couple of days now, I just thought I’d mention it here in case anyone hasn’t noticed it. You can now restore the Premium vehicle you have sold by starting a support ticket and asking for the tank back. You must have at least the amount of money you […]