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November 22, 2013

Megafactories Wargaming


A 40-minute documentary from National Geographic about Wargaming and World of Tanks. The video is quite interesting by itself if you don’t have any idea about how games are made, if you do, the whole thing feels more like a long commercial. But still there’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff to see about the company, but more importantly, you can spot a couple of things still in the works inadvertently leaked in the video, such as a new map, Fjords map encounter mode and a possible new American light tank. The developers also mention working on new sounds and trying to make them as real as possible, which is very welcome information as some of the tanks currently sound very much like my neighbors lawnmower.

t37 (1) t37 (2) t37 (3) t37 light

Leaked American light tank T37
You can find more info in this FTR post


Leaked new map and Fjords encounter mode
You can find more info in this FTR post

If you spot any other revealing info, don’t hesitate to post your find in the comments.